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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Shuly Yossef Mami - Shuly Yossef
ElevenTwelve Stutter Dreaming - ElevenTwelve
Jesper Mattsson Berlin Burlesque - Jesper Mattsson
Michael Panasuk That's Gotta Hurt - Version 3 - Michael Panasuk
Max DiCarlo No Me Dica - Max DiCarlo
D.C. SoulPlusMind This Life (Featuring Katy Gunn) - D.C. SoulPlusMind
Solace Bury the Dead Raven - Solace
Stan Tristan I Believe in Us - Stan Tristan
Majik Superficial - Majik
Alemor Running Wild in Gloriosity Stinger M - Alemor
Nery Bauer Verano (Loop 03) - Nery Bauer
Artur Bayramgalin Matreshka - Artur Bayramgalin
Fez Fatale Swing Those Sleighbells - Fez Fatale
Technetium Run Away - Technetium
Rob Johnson No One People - Rob Johnson
Ideascapes Music You Inspire Me - Ideascapes Music
Chris Michols And They'd Never Tell - Chris Michols
Piotr Pacyna Just Machines (Loop C) - Piotr Pacyna
Music Candy Serious Style Queen No Vox 30 Secs - Music Candy
Voluptas Mors You Made Me Break - Voluptas Mors
Solace Blood Oil Gold 1min22secsb - Solace
Wilton Vought It's a Beautiful Day - Wilton Vought
Wicked Ear Candy This Moment Amazing - Wicked Ear Candy
Gordon McLeod Catfish Nightmare Blues - Gordon McLeod
Adagio Music The Blue Liquid - Adagio Music
James Barr The Wild Rover (40 Sec Version) - James Barr
Ron Komie The First Noel Vol 5 - Ron Komie
Joe Powell Where I Am - Joe Powell
Solace Blood Oil Gold 1min22secsb - Solace
Victoria Gibson Freedom (Worldbeat Mix) - Victoria Gibson
Shuly Yossef Mami - Shuly Yossef
Mark Truszkowsky Amo La Vita - Mark Truszkowsky
Jo Masino Fiesta Latina (Vocal) - Jo Masino
Giulio Fazio Olympic Heroes (Full Track) - Giulio Fazio
Arpad Zsolt Domahidi Song for the Rain 60sec. C - Arpad Zsolt Domahidi
Artur Bayramgalin Matreshka - Artur Bayramgalin
Really Free Music Kata Noi - Really Free Music
KLM Music Dramatic Cinematic - KLM Music
David Banks Shadow From the Abyss - David Banks
Lorenzo Piani How Sweet You Were - Hvor Sod Du Var - Lorenzo Piani
Marco Pesci Walking in the Desert No Voice - Marco Pesci
Guido Gavazzi Abysses in Your Mind - Guido Gavazzi
Kamlesh Deepak Drolia Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Remix - Kamlesh Deepak Drolia
Kate Carpenter Be a Friend - Kate Carpenter
Christophe Espern Le Sorcier Hichmouk - Christophe Espern
Sergiu Muresan Children of Verdun - Sergiu Muresan
Richard Jungles African Song - Richard Jungles
John Geraghty Chorus Only - John Geraghty
Amazing Music Haunted Mansion - Amazing Music
Family Senci Si'W Vle Rive (Tmj) - Family Senci
Annie McGee Silent Night - Eerie Boys Choir - Annie McGee
Side FX and Kim Cameron Butterfly Rock - Side FX and Kim Cameron
Ludwig Amadeus Monkey Funk - Ludwig Amadeus
Diamond City Enigmatic World - Diamond City
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Pombi y Pimbo 01 - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn African Shores - Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn

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Featured Artist

Henrik Skanfors

Swedish composer and singer Henrik Skanfors produces Pop, Rock, Electronica, Folk, and Dramatic scores. His music has been featured in the award-winning TV series, The Good Wife (CBS), and in 20 soundtracks for motion pictures, commercials, and art films. Henrik has released 3 solo albums: The Last Gash (2007), Carcass and the Flies (2009), and The Sleep of Adam (2012), where Rachael Yamagata sings on the magical duet "Psalm 513" (available here). He is a phenomenal vocalist with great talent, amazing lyrics, and the compelling ability to create dramatic and cinematic music.

Psalm 513 (Feat. Rachael Yamagata)
Beautiful, heart warming, bittersweet duet with Henrik Skanfors and Rachael Yamagata ("Be be your love", "Reason why"). About loss, longing & loneliness. Sounds like Coldplay, Sia, U2. Bu...

A sad but powerful song from Henrik Skanfors' album "The Last Gash" (2007) about isolation. Driven by a classical piano-part and falsettos. Singer/Songwriter. Suitable for drama & tv-seri...

Grey Autumn Sweater
Melancholic, sad song from Henrik Skanfors' album "The Last Gash" (2007) about heartbreak and being left behind. Only intimate vocals and dreamy guitar. Suitable for drama & tv-series. Si...

Smoker's Widow
Emotional song from Henrik Skanfors' album "The Last Gash" (2007) about disappointment and blame. Guitar, piano, vocals (some falsettos). Singer/Songwriter. Suitable for drama & tv-series...

The Hope Chest
Extremely sad & heavy yet beautiful song about loss, grief, pain and wanting to turn back time to make things right. Feeling abandoned and lost. Starts w/ heavy tom drums and minimalistic...

A beautiful, powerful song from Henrik Skanfors' album "Carcass and the Flies". Lyrics about longing for change, indifference, feeling empty and childhood. Suitable for sad or bittersweet...

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Claudio Miosga Wild Fire - Claudio Miosga
D. Silverstone The Power of Emotions - D. Silverstone
Clark Ford I Believe in You - Clark Ford
Three Day Threshold Chicken Shack (Baby's Got My #) - Three Day Threshold
Vadim Chelnokov Good Morning (10 Sec) - Vadim Chelnokov
Marc Beasley Should Have Known - Marc Beasley
Songwriterz Paradise - Songwriterz
Majik Stuck in the House - Majik
Kevin Reardon All the Love Your Heart Can Hold (Female) - Kevin Reardon
Gavin Cooley The Bridge - Gavin Cooley
Ingvi Thor Kormaksson Can't Wait a Lifetime - Ingvi Thor Kormaksson
Carl Schonbeck Perfectly Frank - Carl Schonbeck
Carlos Estella Gladiator Spirit - Carlos Estella
Keldamuzik Ninja Style - Keldamuzik
Inod Get It Right 60 Sec - Inod
Michael Goldstein Easy Does It - Michael Goldstein
Daren Rauer Bourbon Street - Daren Rauer
Ed Napoli Goals - Ed Napoli
Ron Komie Boom Bang (Sting Novox) - Ron Komie
Stuart Mee 1 Cent - Stuart Mee
Roeland Ruijsch Tooth And Nail Instrumental - Roeland Ruijsch
Fredrick John Pugsley When U Break the Rules - Fredrick John Pugsley
Justinas Stanislovaitis It's Gonna Be a Good Day - Justinas Stanislovaitis
Dpath Puff Clip Lounge - Dpath
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