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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
BadaBing BadaBoom Microwave Lovin' - BadaBing BadaBoom
Andy L Pump It Up Latin Style (0.30 Edit) - Andy L
Denis Woods Lets Go - Denis Woods
Muriel Anderson Wildcat - Muriel Anderson
Torfi Olafsson You Are My Angel - Torfi Olafsson
Bruce Swanson Walk On - Bruce Swanson
ElevenTwelve Stutter Dreaming - ElevenTwelve
Tony Tee I Wanna Be Somebody - Tony Tee
Gene Pool Zombie Clocks - Gene Pool Zombie
The Whole Bolivian Army Bitch in a Volvo - The Whole Bolivian Army
Cosher Pray Feat Amy Tjasink (Prod By Cosher) - Cosher
Tom Hajduk Nie Masz Zadnych Szans - Tom Hajduk
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Reflects of Sleep Water - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
D.C. SoulPlusMind This Life (Featuring Katy Gunn) - D.C. SoulPlusMind
D&J Set Me Free - D&J
Justin 3 Flying High - Justin 3
John Christopher Thomas A Summer's Day (Radio Edit) - John Christopher Thomas
Paul Reece Your Mercy Oh Eternal One - Paul Reece
Gentry Bronson I Walked Home Alone - Gentry Bronson
Last Chance Saloon Gravy Train - Last Chance Saloon
The Valery Trails On the Perfume River - The Valery Trails
Joe McGowan Come Back to Me - Joe McGowan
Misfits and Thieves Another Member of the Family (Mafia / Mob Song) - Misfits and Thieves
Leandro Achinelli Hellish Dreams - Leandro Achinelli
ElevenTwelve Contemplation (60 Sec) - ElevenTwelve
Ross Milligan Air Dancer - Ross Milligan
Ed Kliman Love and Whiskey - Ed Kliman
Ideascapes Music You Inspire Me - Ideascapes Music
Alessandro D'Aloia Mapouka, Logoby, Style "Solitaire" - Alessandro D'Aloia
Denise Rivera Vaya Caramba (Remix) - Denise Rivera
Mark Truszkowsky Amo La Vita - Mark Truszkowsky
Lokixximo La Culpa No La Tengo Toma Ft. Kay 9 & Luis Anthony - Lokixximo
Lorenzo Piani How Sweet You Were - Hvor Sod Du Var - Lorenzo Piani
Sergey Smirnov My Last Day of Summer - Sergey Smirnov
Annie McGee Gregorian Chanting Monks 4 - Annie McGee
ElevenTwelve Epic Struggle (60 Sec) - ElevenTwelve
OM World Como Suave (With Vocal Ending) - OM World
Christian Andersson The Desecrated Sanctum - Dark Scary Horror Trailer - Christian Andersson
Ethereal Motion Pie Jesus - Ethereal Motion
John Christopher Thomas Have Some Fun (Kpop Gangnam Style Mix) - John Christopher Thomas
Ideascapes Music The Girl in Your Eyes - Ideascapes Music
Andy L Alegre Agora (1.21 Edit) - Andy L
Keith Holden Silent Night (Dark Horror) - Keith Holden
Thomas Beckner Witch Pumpkin - Thomas Beckner
Jonathan Geer Stargazer - Jonathan Geer
Navarr Month Song Harmony - Navarr
Sergiu Muresan Children of Verdun - Sergiu Muresan
Kamlesh Deepak Drolia Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Remix - Kamlesh Deepak Drolia
Ludwig Amadeus Monkey Funk - Ludwig Amadeus
Chester Yourczek The Return - Chester Yourczek
Kate Carpenter Be a Friend - Kate Carpenter
Richard Jungles African Song - Richard Jungles
Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn African Shores - Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn
Nick Smeenk Haunted Dream - Nick Smeenk
Amazing Music Haunted Mansion - Amazing Music
Wicked Ear Candy Santa.Com (Male) - Wicked Ear Candy

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Featured Artist

Masterwerks R&B

Masterwerks R&B presents a dynamic collection of Neo Soul, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Old School R&B that has been used to great acclaim in numerous Films, Documentaries and TV productions. Writing original scores, cues, trailers, and more, their credits include Punk’d (MTV), Invasion (ABC), Real Deal (ABC), American Yakuza (Columbia TriStar), Bloodsport II (DEM), Little Learner (Via Multimedia), Learning to Fly (Self-Help Workplace Infomercial), The Adventures of Allen Strange (Nickelodeon), Timeless Heroes (DiviComm), and Wings Over The Atlantic. Get Masterwerks on your Team!

I'm On Fire
Inventive, sexy contemporary R&B piece with an angular vocal in the style of Beyonce, Rihanna, Aaliyah and others. Urban, pulsing, erotic. Cool for pole dancing, striptease,20-something n...

The Very Heart of Me
First class melody with a truly fine vocal in the style of Whitney Houston. Sophisticated and catchy, The Very Heart of Me is a perfect background for in store play

Bet'Cha He Says That
Neo-Soul R&B song, mid-tempo with big chorus and a soulful fine vocal in the style of D'Angelo Maxwell Bruno Mars and others Uplifting positive and great for in store play as well as vide...

Turned Around and Lost You Baby
Classic neo soul with slight hip hop groove.. Great song with moving melody and lyric featuring fine vocal and elegant real sax Works well for contemporary and vintage uses. Urban contemp...

Ask You One More Time
Contemporary R&B neo soul piece with smooth soulful male vocal Cool for retro dancing, nightclubs, fantasies, bar lounge club fashion. Great for In Store Play

Caribbean Islands
A Bluebeat Pop-Groove vocal Funk Fest designed to put the jumper cables on that special production. Be it an airline, travel documentary, radio/TV advert, car commercial or anything that ...

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Mangrinaje Dejame Entrar En Tu Corazon - Mangrinaje
David Van Walker So Far So Good - David Van Walker
Michael Panasuk Bad Dream - Michael Panasuk
Klassik Frescobar Yoga - Klassik Frescobar
Clark Ford The Only One - Clark Ford
David B. McDonald Monkeyshines - David B. McDonald
Wicked Ear Candy I Closed My Eyes - Wicked Ear Candy
Blossom Ancient Mystical Voices - Blossom
Carl Schonbeck Hope You Hear - Carl Schonbeck
Ed Napoli I Missing You - Ed Napoli
Rob Satori Martel's Battle Ride - Rob Satori
Simone Sittel-Schlimbach Super Heroes Never Die - Simone Sittel-Schlimbach
Nicole-Marie When California's Gone - Nicole-Marie
Dancefloor Ammunition Right From the Start (Featuring Chloe) - Dancefloor Ammunition
Alex Cen Hasta La Wisha - Alex Cen
Coach Give It to You - Coach
Mir Wave Hello! - Mir Wave
Tom Pile Nostalgia - Tom Pile
Damir Kolakovic Happy - Damir Kolakovic
Joett (ft. G Fullah & Level One) - I'm Gonna Live Forever (Radio Edit) - Joett
Enrico Fabio Cortese Uplifting World - Ethnic Voices - Enrico Fabio Cortese
Hanjo Gabler Love Is An Anchor - Hanjo Gabler
John Christopher Thomas Slow Burn-Radio Version - John Christopher Thomas
Maurice Carroll Stay - Maurice Carroll
Idledaze Truth Hurts Full Version - Idledaze
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