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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Fernando Diez Soulsiss Mary (30 Second Female Vocal) - Fernando Diez
BadaBing BadaBoom Microwave Lovin' - BadaBing BadaBoom
Alessandro D'Aloia Egypt - Alessandro D'Aloia
Artur Bayramgalin Matreshka - Artur Bayramgalin
Akela Sun A Lovely Day (60 Sec) - Akela Sun
D.C. SoulPlusMind This Life (Featuring Katy Gunn) - D.C. SoulPlusMind
SMM Productions Angel of Darkness - SMM Productions
La Laque La Sirène Dort - La Laque
Denise Rivera Stay If You Want Me - Denise Rivera
Prizm Prime Your Own Way - Prizm Prime
Scott Ross Damaged Yearning - Scott Ross
Max DiCarlo No Me Dica - Max DiCarlo
Leah Faegre Shining in My Hair - Leah Faegre
Fern The Moon Rock Lullaby - Fern
Joe Vercillo Bizarro Me - Joe Vercillo
Marlon Cherry Living a Lie (Single) - Marlon Cherry
Jive Ass Sleepers Woman Don't Make Me Mad - Jive Ass Sleepers
Aaron Saloman ToTheSummit 2min - Aaron Saloman
David Waugh Swim Little Fishes 60 Sec - David Waugh
Anthony Cormican Falling Down - Anthony Cormican
VenueConnection Madrid Boogie - VenueConnection
Troy Kline Only a Dream Away - Troy Kline
John Christopher Thomas A Summer's Day (Radio Edit) - John Christopher Thomas
Bartok Music If You Want - Bartok Music
Tom Hipps All Day Long - Tom Hipps
Hellenic Band Sirto Medley - Hellenic Band
Robert Dellaposta I Only Slipped - Robert Dellaposta
Audioshine Can't Catch Me Now - Audioshine
Andrej Hrasko Lucka Zelena (Electroswing) Vox - Andrej Hrasko
Ensemble Pachamama A Mi Palomita - Ensemble Pachamama
La Laque La Sirène Dort - La Laque
Elite Sync Lab Just Move - Elite Sync Lab
Carlos Estella Illuminatio Mea - Carlos Estella
David Gosnell Occult Voices - David Gosnell
Hanjo Gabler Gott Ist Gut - Hanjo Gabler
Add-On Music Group Sin Pelicula Ft. Lokixximo - Add-On Music Group
Marco Pesci Walking in the Desert No Voice - Marco Pesci
Haris Aronis Tired Years - Haris Aronis
Daniel Cullen Spirit Dance in the Sahara - Daniel Cullen
Really Free Music Kata Noi - Really Free Music
Tom Hajduk Firira - Tom Hajduk
Rodrigo Panassolo Em Haver - Rodrigo Panassolo
Maria Milewska Happy Kids No Drums - Maria Milewska
Kyle Kniceley Killin Me Perc Only - Kyle Kniceley
Keith Holden Silent Night (Dark Horror) - Keith Holden
Francisco Jimenez Good King Wenceslas Spanish - Francisco Jimenez
Wicked Ear Candy Santa.Com (Male) - Wicked Ear Candy
Really Free Music I Asked My Mother for 50 Cents - Really Free Music
John Geraghty Chorus Only - John Geraghty
Hanjo Gabler Drei Chinesen Mit Dem Contrabass - Hanjo Gabler
Kate Carpenter Be a Friend - Kate Carpenter
Chester Yourczek The Return - Chester Yourczek
Nick Smeenk Haunted Dream - Nick Smeenk
Max DiCarlo Up and Down - Max DiCarlo
Christophe Espern Le Sorcier Hichmouk - Christophe Espern
Louise Heaney He's Behind You - Louise Heaney

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Featured Artist


From Dublin, Ireland, the dynamic duo of Carole Nelson and Maria Walsh, dubbed “Zrazy,” present music that will add a bright luster to your dramatizations in any media. The crystal clarity of a delicate bell informs Maria’s beautiful voice. "Captured in a Song” reminds us of the divine Jazz-Diva Shirley Horn. Maria also plays flute and percussion, while Carole is the team’s composer and piano/sax player. Performing together since 1993, Zrazy has won many awards: Best New Band in Hot Press Mag Awards and had a commissioned piece reach No. 1 in the Irish Pop Charts.

Private Wars
Female jazz vocal with soprano saxophone. Haunting song about difficulties and acceptance in relationships. Winner Billboard International Song Competition (best jazz) Romantic Drama, bre...

Fall Until You Fly
Pop funky jazz song brings to mind 'Benny and the Jets' by Elton John. Great smooth warm vocals. Great beat and rhythm from the quartet. Very cool track that is about setting yourself fre...

Cry Baby
Another great jazz vocal of intimacy and joy with a lovely medium swing beat. It's a lullaby for an adult and the child within.

Hot Sun
Super cool funky track laid back groove. Singing about the sun being in love. Cheeky playful great piano and sax solos and acoustic bass quartet sound. Hip

A very sexy laid-back vocal and groove that builds slowly and wonderfully to a wide harmony chorus. Very Lisa Stansfield, Sade or Eryka Badu-ish but retains a real jazziness. Has a fantas...

Remember (That You Did It First With Me)
Bluesy jazz. sexy vocal, smokey saxophone. A song about jealousy and betrayal. Winner of USA Glama Award (best jazz)

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Matthew Reid Epic Spaghetti Western - Remaster - Matthew Reid
Erwin Steijlen Are You Brave Enough? - Erwin Steijlen
Keith Methven Ridin Gainst the Wind - Keith Methven
Torfi Olafsson One of a Kind - Torfi Olafsson
Robert Dellaposta We Had That - Robert Dellaposta
Emmanuel Carlos St. Omer Blame Me - Emmanuel Carlos St. Omer
Diamond City Flying (Short Version) - Diamond City
David Banks I Don't Want to Fall for You (Part Vocal) - David Banks
El Big Kali Urbano 5 Estrellas Mami Chapeame - El Big Kali Urbano 5 Estrellas
Maorock At Home - Maorock
The Charlie Marshall Effect All My Friends Are Skeletons - The Charlie Marshall Effect
Bekim! Leave the World Behind - Bekim!
KodoDojo Johnny, Leave Her - KodoDojo
Claudio Miosga Never Let You Go - Claudio Miosga
Steve Robinson Proud of Our Love - Steve Robinson
Side FX and Kim Cameron Share My Pillow (Banner Remix) - Side FX and Kim Cameron
Big Prod Sounds Oriental Nostalgia - Big Prod Sounds
Solus-Sun Helzspring - On My Way - Solus-Sun
Suchitra Lata Sunny Where You Are (Humming) - Suchitra Lata
David R Dinger Ethereal Expedition (Lo Fi Ambient) - David R Dinger
Jens Larsson Having the Time for Life (Remix) - Jens Larsson
Anthony Hugh That Girl - Anthony Hugh
Moarn So Fast - Moarn
Cool Smart Things Wounded Sky - Cool Smart Things
Chad Tucker Ras Bogle Gyptian - Dream Girl - Chad Tucker
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