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Love is in the air and AudioSparx has the perfect love song, wedding song and romantic music for every occasion. Perfect for use in TV, film, motion pictures, commercials and much more, the music below will help jumpstart your search for the perfect romantic song!

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Max DiCarlo Lost Melody - Max DiCarlo
Tamalaneh If I Could I Would - Tamalaneh
Eddie Caldwell I Am Love - Eddie Caldwell
Music for Media Broken Heart - Music for Media
Dean Wagg The Sex Industry - Dean Wagg
Jim Chappell Jeremy's Loss - Jim Chappell
Paul Reece What I'm Dreaming of (Instml) - Paul Reece
Alec Makinson O Sole Mio (30sec) - Alec Makinson
Martin Higgins Reflection - Martin Higgins
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Romance - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
TJ Kross Life's Price - TJ Kross
Entropik Yearning for Him - Entropik
Jason Savell Triumph - Jason Savell
Music And SFX Waltz of Romance - Music And SFX
HarpString Productions Breakfast Surreal 30 Sec - HarpString Productions
Patricia Hontoir Dust Devil Blues A - Patricia Hontoir
Fortuna Bonam Melancholy 1 - Fortuna Bonam
Rob Laber No Right to Sing the Blues (3:45) - Rob Laber
Nitzan Sagie Valentine's Day - Piano Moment - Nitzan Sagie
Vess Ray The Day I Saw You - Vess Ray
Jonathan Carlile Missing You - Jonathan Carlile
Steve Urwin My Love (30) - Steve Urwin
Max DiCarlo La Promessa ( The Promise) - Max DiCarlo
Aaron J Curtis The Acid Jazz Retreat - Aaron J Curtis
Eric Bode My Rainbow - Eric Bode
Andrej Hrasko Lucka Zelena (Bed) - Andrej Hrasko
Erwin Steijlen I'm Flying - Erwin Steijlen
Roeland Ruijsch Gangstyle Levels - Roeland Ruijsch
John Judd Sister - John Judd
Gary Wolk Barnburner - Gary Wolk
Alessandro D'Aloia Rio J - (Samba Batucata) - Alessandro D'Aloia
Anthony Regan Joyful - Anthony Regan
Somatiq Audio Mayberry - Somatiq Audio
Markus Bravo Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - Markus Bravo
Ron Komie Downtown We Go - Ron Komie
Andy L Cuban Adventure - Andy L
Hassan Khan Pure Shanti - Hassan Khan
Stern Muzik Flowers - Stern Muzik
Sashqxxx Fly Away - Sashqxxx
Paint Chips Mischievous Mauve - Paint Chips
Nicola Donchev All My Friends - Nicola Donchev
K.O. Star Productions Silver Cloud - K.O. Star Productions
Davor Devcic A Little Whistling Song - Davor Devcic
Harry Sadler Talking About Serious Things - Harry Sadler
D. Silverstone Your Lucky Day - D. Silverstone
Paint Chips Dangerous Purple Dahlia - Paint Chips
Eric Bode My Rainbow - Eric Bode
Jacco Willems Evening Breeze (Chill Out Mix) - Jacco Willems
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis There's Love in the Air - David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis
Gus Caveda Salsa Miami - Gus Caveda
Steve E. Williams Mississippi River - Steve E. Williams
Secret Babies Make a Wish On Whispered Stars - Secret Babies
Darren Lucas Moments for Happiness - Darren Lucas
Vess Ray Piano Moods - Vess Ray
Tom Hajduk Summer of Love - Tom Hajduk
Platinum Dreams Say Goodbye - Platinum Dreams
Jeff Van Devender Strive - Jeff Van Devender
Matthew Reid Opera Without Words - Matthew Reid
Johnny Breton Summer Is Here (Sweet Celebration) - Johnny Breton
John Judd Sister - John Judd
Dean Anthony Caputo Gotta Get a Girl (Boy Band Pop) - Dean Anthony Caputo
K.O. Star Productions Silver Cloud - K.O. Star Productions
Carl Miles Wall Street - Carl Miles
King Daddy Dee I Do - King Daddy Dee
Blazznet Productions Bach Me Up - Mix1 - Blazznet Productions
BeepCode Lover's Waltz - BeepCode
Diamond City Triumphant Logo - Diamond City
Robert Neary Shine Brightly - Robert Neary
Bartok Music Canon in D - Bartok Music
Michael Keck A Sweet Embrace 60sec - Michael Keck
Hanjo Gabler Wedding Serenade - Hanjo Gabler
Michael Meenderink Romance Theme - Michael Meenderink
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis Fall Colors - David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis
Dean Wagg Fly to the Stars 60 Sec - Dean Wagg
Roger and Ellen Bruno On This Night - Roger and Ellen Bruno
Randy Vera A Romantic Fool's Love Theme: Slow Instrumental - Randy Vera
Hanspeter Kruesi Love Song - Hanspeter Kruesi
E. Rudd Young Love @ 1st Sight (Instrumental) - E. Rudd Young
Ivan Paunovic Cheerful Waltz (Loopable) - Ivan Paunovic
Gary Wolk Joyous Day - Gary Wolk
Larry Warren We're Getting Married - Mix 1 - Larry Warren
Fortuna Bonam Pachelbel Canon - Fortuna Bonam
Brenda Elthon Reverence and Prayers at Westminster Abbey - Brenda Elthon

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The Definitive Music of Love
With over 4,000 romantic love songs, both instrumental and vocal in all genres, let AudioSparx take your productions to the next level. Our romantic music library has that endearing touch, that sublime sensuality that is at the very core of human romance.

John Judd

Emmy nominated composer John Judd is known for his commitment to excellence in sound quality, composition strength, and emotional impact through music. His high-end audio content is featured in TV, radio, internet ads, websites, new product branding, and software applications, and he has scored several films and documentaries. John specializes in music that will give forward motion to any video or audio project in a variety of genres, including motivational Rock, Soundalikes, Orchestral, Orchestral/Electronica hybrids, and Reality TV cues.

Inspired by Coldplay and Keane, this piece evokes the same positive uplifting mood of both of those bands. If you're looking for a song that lifts the listener's mood, this is it! Perfect...

Inspired by Coldplay and Keane, this piece evokes the same positive uplifting mood of both of those bands. If you're looking for a song that lifts the listener's mood, this is it! Perfect...

Looking for the Train song 'Hey Soul Sister'? Here is the perfect substitute! All of Train's uplifting and positive elements are captured here, most of all the happy sound of the upbeat u...

Looking for the Train song 'Hey Soul Sister'? Here is the perfect substitute! All of Train's uplifting and positive elements are captured here, most of all the happy sound of the upbeat u...

Romantic Love Songs New on Site
Hanjo Gabler Frage Und Antwort - Hanjo Gabler
Scott Ross Charleston Dance - Scott Ross
Thomas Naszalyi The Happiest Day - Thomas Naszalyi
Nikolay Krivin Voce Concordia - Nikolay Krivin
Robert Dellaposta Come Around Six - Robert Dellaposta
Ideascapes Music Words You Want to Hear - Ideascapes Music
Milana Zilnik 1am. Longing - Milana Zilnik
Plastic DJ You Are Loved - Plastic DJ
Cole Dowell Fantasy Orchestra Cue 1 - Cole Dowell
Stephen Daltry Rhythmic Classical Theme: With French Horn - Stephen Daltry
Justinas Stanislovaitis It's Gonna Be a Good Day - Justinas Stanislovaitis
Kenji Aoi Narrative Bgm ~ My Passionate Message - Kenji Aoi
Dmitriy Andronov L.. J. Waltz - Dmitriy Andronov
Claudio Miosga Wild Fire - Claudio Miosga
Sideway Into the Light - Sideway
Carl Miles Sum of It's Parts - Carl Miles
David Beard Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - David Beard
Borus Folk Acoustic Romantic Calm 130 - Borus
Sarah De Carlo Unwritten Mystery - Sarah De Carlo
Anthony Dann Wind of Change - Anthony Dann

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