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Love is in the air and AudioSparx has the perfect love song, wedding song and romantic music for every occasion. Perfect for use in TV, film, motion pictures, commercials and much more, the music below will help jumpstart your search for the perfect romantic song!

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Max DiCarlo Lost Melody - Max DiCarlo
Tamalaneh If I Could I Would - Tamalaneh
Eddie Caldwell I Am Love - Eddie Caldwell
Haven McInerney Janet - Haven McInerney
Louise Heaney She Loves Me Not - Louise Heaney
Rick Hale One Day (Piano) - Rick Hale
Brighter Note You - Brighter Note
Constantinos Piliouras Orchestral Stalls - Constantinos Piliouras
Jive Ass Sleepers Forbidden Fruit - Jive Ass Sleepers
Jason Pfaff Opus Aloria (Classical Instml) - Jason Pfaff
Roland Rudzitis I'm Gonna Make It - Roland Rudzitis
Anthony Davilio Ancient Clues (Edited) - Anthony Davilio
David Gosnell In a Higher Society - David Gosnell
Erwin Steijlen A Beautiful Day - Erwin Steijlen
Rafael Smart Bologna ( Loop 4 ) - Rafael Smart
Fabio Fortissimo Fantasy I - Fabio Fortissimo
Nicola Donchev Romantic Evening - Nicola Donchev
Dan Simion The Queen - Dan Simion
Tom Rae Northfork - Tom Rae
Denis Woods Home Underscore - Denis Woods
Jim Pearce For Debbie - Jim Pearce
Skip Peck Every Evening - Skip Peck
Sean John Clark Can I Hold On to Time? - Sean John Clark
Diamond City Inspirational Moments - Diamond City
Texas Gypsies Flapperjack - Texas Gypsies
KLM Music Happy Journey - KLM Music
Denis Woods Saurus - Denis Woods
Matt Wilcox Uplifting Inspirational - Matt Wilcox
Somatiq Audio Mayberry - Somatiq Audio
Kevin M. Baumgard Bright - Kevin M. Baumgard
Louise Heaney Let the Sun Shine - Louise Heaney
Hassan Khan Pure Shanti - Hassan Khan
Alan Fagan Sounds Like Johnny - Alan Fagan
Medina Who's That Guy? Santa Claus? - Medina
Skip Peck Suspicion - Skip Peck
88Seasons And So It Begins - 88Seasons
Ideascapes Music Christmas Makes Me Smile - Ideascapes Music
Don Carroll Chicken Lickin' - Don Carroll
Steve Probst There Goes Sebastian - Steve Probst
David Gosnell In a Higher Society - David Gosnell
Amo McCarron Livin It Up - Amo McCarron
Joe Vercillo I'd Hang With You Every Day (Instrumental) - Joe Vercillo
Jon Lawson Glory - Jon Lawson
Platinum Dreams Say Goodbye - Platinum Dreams
Diamond City Inspirational Moments - Diamond City
Adagio Music Water Bomb - Adagio Music
Matthew Reid Opera Without Words - Matthew Reid
Alex Rich Dripping Whispers - Alex Rich
Addam Farmer Ukelele Freedom - Addam Farmer
Joe Vercillo Where I Belong (Instrumental) - Joe Vercillo
Francesco Accardo My Train - Francesco Accardo
Evan Zappa & the Necessity Laundry Day - Instrumental - Evan Zappa & the Necessity
Ross Milligan The Olive Trees - Ross Milligan
Harry Sadler Talking About Serious Things - Harry Sadler
Steve E. Williams Mississippi River - Steve E. Williams
SMM Productions Moments in Life - SMM Productions
Steve Rice Productions Puttin' My Best Foot Forward - Steve Rice Productions
Jens Larsson Here Comes a Sunny Day - 30 Sec - Jens Larsson
Joe Pignato Aboriginal Lights - Joe Pignato
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis There's Love in the Air - David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis
Amazing Music Leons Theme - Amazing Music
Dean Wagg Pretty Girl Smile - Dean Wagg
Lucid Dreamer Happy - Lucid Dreamer
Stan Erbrink The Queens Diner (Baroque Strings) - Stan Erbrink
Tom Dwyer Champion - Tom Dwyer
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis Fall Colors - David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis
D. Silverstone Rising Spring (Symphonic) - D. Silverstone
Liam Bradbury Hear the Angels Sing - Liam Bradbury
Ivan Paunovic Cheerful Waltz (Loopable) - Ivan Paunovic
Alec Makinson Wedded Bliss (30sec Full Mix) - Alec Makinson
Evan Zappa & the Necessity Wedding Dress - Evan Zappa & the Necessity
Dan Robinson I'm Celebrating You - Dan Robinson
Colin Tench The Mad Yeti Segue Relaxing But Deep. - Colin Tench
Joey Curtin Covenant (Solo Piano) - Joey Curtin
Keith Holden Ultimo Ballo - Keith Holden
Bernard Leclerc Asking You Please - Bernard Leclerc
Randy Vera A Romantic Fool's Love Theme: Slow Instrumental - Randy Vera
Alexey Maximov Super Magical Lights of the New Horizons - Alexey Maximov
Roland Rudzitis Never Forgotten - Roland Rudzitis
BeepCode Lover's Waltz - BeepCode
Richard Jungles Wedding Ring - Richard Jungles
Blazznet Productions Bach Me Up - Mix1 - Blazznet Productions
Kepha Peter Martin Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (Piano 2:31) - Kepha Peter Martin

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The Definitive Music of Love
With over 4,000 romantic love songs, both instrumental and vocal in all genres, let AudioSparx take your productions to the next level. Our romantic music library has that endearing touch, that sublime sensuality that is at the very core of human romance.

Rob Johnson

LA composer, songwriter and entertainer Rob Johnson has had his music featured in dozens of TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother, America's Got Talent, American Idol Rewind, Lets Make A Deal, Mad Love, Flipping Out, Parental Control, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, What Chilli Wants, Ace Of Cakes, and many others. Other projects for which he has composed music include trailers for Madea’s Family Reunion and Daddy’s Little Girl (both for Lionsgate); Scoop, starring Hugh Jackman (Focus Features); Waiting, starring Ryan Reynolds (Lionsgate).

Ultra cool and quirky indie rock track with a catchy whistling section and a cheerful and slightly eccentric sound. Perfect music for adding an upbeat and hip vibe to your production. Bud...

Garage Rock Superstar
Cool and gritty garage rock track with a big guitar riff and lots of attitude. A perfect track for adding a cool vibe to your production. Buddy movie, rom-com, urban angst, film opening, ...

Ultra cool modern garage rock track with a big catchy guitar riff and a rockin' retro drum beat. Perfect music for adding an edgy and hip vibe to your production. Buddy movie, rom-com, TV...

Indie folk piece with a reflective sound. Emotional, powerful and tender. Sounds like Family of the Year, Iron & Wine, The Lumineers and similar singer-songwriters. Great for film and TV ...

Romantic Love Songs New on Site
D. Silverstone The Power of Emotions - D. Silverstone
Paul Carlson Enchantment - Paul Carlson
Warren J Chadwick Corners of the Sun - Warren J Chadwick
Richard Heacock Long, Slow and Classy - Richard Heacock
Gus Caveda Room to Chill - Gus Caveda
Hanjo Gabler This Is a Good Time - Hanjo Gabler
Alandra Wings of Freedom (Part I) - Alandra
Plastic DJ You Can't Escape - Plastic DJ
Robert Dellaposta Goldmine - Robert Dellaposta
Majik Girl - Majik
Brandon Lew Fire With Fire (Instrumental) - Brandon Lew
Sonny King She Like Bad Boys - Sonny King
Ron Komie Glamour Bling (Sting3-Nolead) - Ron Komie
BeepCode Time to Move On - BeepCode
Alec Makinson Palm Court Hotel (30sec) - Alec Makinson
Sean Balli They Treat Me Differently (Instrumental) - Sean Balli
Shadrick Beechem Hometown Swap - Shadrick Beechem
Haji Ginz The Attic Orchestrations - Haji Ginz
Maurice Carroll Sahara Moon - Maurice Carroll
Bartok Music Invention in E Major - Bartok Music

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