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Below are just some of the great commercial music tracks on our site, perfect for commercial advertising on TV, Radio and Internet, news show themes, corporate branding, video or website presentations and other business uses.

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Stefano Fucili Happy Morning - Stefano Fucili
Ron Komie Victory Is Ours (Full) - Ron Komie
Marco Pesci Together We Will Succeed - Marco Pesci
Ron Komie Destined For Victory (Full) - Ron Komie
John Judd Blocks - John Judd
Ross Milligan Chips - the Clapping Song - Ross Milligan
Somnium Inspire Imagination - Somnium
John Judd Clockwise - John Judd
Michael Musco Winning News - Michael Musco
Alec Makinson Decision Time (Main Mix) - Alec Makinson
Peter Godfrey Seize the Day [130bpm Version] - Peter Godfrey
Tom Jemmott A Better Tomorrow - Tom Jemmott
Michael Allen We Can Do It - Michael Allen
Dean Wagg Tomorrow We Fly Corporate Class - Dean Wagg
Anthony Davilio Light Years - Anthony Davilio
Craig McConnell High Up - Craig McConnell
Benny Hawes Upbeat Piano Commercial (1min) - Benny Hawes
Margaret Street Happy Feelings 60 Sec - Margaret Street
David Flavin Skip and Strut 60 - David Flavin
SMM Productions Future Agenda (60 Seconds) - SMM Productions
Western Horizon Productions Sunday Afternoons 60 Sec. - Western Horizon Productions
Nicholas Pesci Feeling Happy 60sec - Nicholas Pesci
Patrick Best Live a Little 60sec - Patrick Best
Soundroad Pulse (60 Sec) - Soundroad
David Hollandsworth Looking Up - David Hollandsworth
Glenn Adams Make It Happen - Glenn Adams
Denbo17 Uke and Toy No Toy - Denbo17
Nicholas DiFabbio Light Glockenspiel Melody - Nicholas DiFabbio
Doug Michael Deep Runner 60s - Doug Michael
Audio Architect Music Expo - Audio Architect Music
Thomas Seher Under Water - Thomas Seher
Krisztian Vass Uplifting Sunlight - 60s - Krisztian Vass
John Murray Coldplay Success 30 Sec 1 - John Murray
Soundroad Wake Up (30 Sec) - Soundroad
Julien Moorrees Western Dillema 30 Seconds Melody 2 Loop (Beati Sounds 003) - Julien Moorrees
Chris Hodges Step Toward Success (30 Second) - Chris Hodges
Marc Teichert Lost Signal - Marc Teichert
RLC Music Power of Originality - RLC Music
Martin Laflamme In An Instant (30 Second) - Martin Laflamme
Evens Colas Sunny - Evens Colas
Music Candy The Endless Summer (30 secs) - Music Candy
Benny Hawes The Happy Commercial (30 Sec) - Benny Hawes
Somatiq Audio Profound Thoughts - Somatiq Audio
Ben Harris School's Out (30 Sec) - Ben Harris
David Flavin Sunshine All Day 30 - David Flavin
Jens Larsson Hip Box 1 - Jens Larsson
Stefano Fucili Happy Morning (30sec) - Stefano Fucili
Chris Hodges Five Star Rating (30 Second) - Chris Hodges
Jan Garritsen Feeling Good (Sound Logo) - Jan Garritsen
Wilton Vought Out On a Whim - Wilton Vought
Wilton Vought Cascade (18) - Wilton Vought
Arthur Rong Amorphic (15 Sec) - Arthur Rong
Edouard Andre Reny The Flight (Stinger) - Edouard Andre Reny
Alandra Dreamy Logo 1.1 - Alandra
Rik Roberts Corporate Product Launch 16 Sec Loop - Rik Roberts
Nery Bauer Time Zone (Stinger 01) - Nery Bauer
Patrick Best Ballad of Hip Hop 15sec - Patrick Best
Francisco Jimenez Welcome to My Evening Show V1 - Francisco Jimenez
Marc Filmer Happy Feelings (15sec) - Marc Filmer
The Color of a Dream Minimal World Corporate (15 Sec) - The Color of a Dream
Patricia Hontoir Ad A - Patricia Hontoir
Jim Pearce Bring It (15 Sec ) - Jim Pearce
SMM Productions Success and Achievement (Sting Only) - SMM Productions
John Judd Imagine Mandolins - John Judd

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Action 60-Sec
African 60-Sec
Americana 60-Sec
Animal 60-Sec
Asian 60-Sec
Blues 60-Sec
Brazilian 60-Sec
Cartoon 60-Sec
Childrens 60-Sec
Chinese 60-Sec
Christmas 60-Sec
Circus 60-Sec
Classical 60-Sec
Comedy 60-Sec
Corporate 60-Sec
Country 60-Sec
Dance 60-Sec
Dangerous 60-Sec
Dramatic 60-Sec
Drums 60-Sec
East European 60-Sec
Electronic 60-Sec
European 60-Sec
Folk 60-Sec
Hawaiian 60-Sec
Hip Hop 60-Sec
Horror 60-Sec
Indian 60-Sec
Indie Rock 60-Sec
Japanese 60-Sec
Jazz 60-Sec
Latin 60-Sec
Middle East 60-Sec
Military 60-Sec
National Anthem 60-Sec
New Age 60-Sec
News 60-Sec
Pop 60-Sec
Reggae 60-Sec
Reggaeton 60-Sec
RnB 60-Sec
Rock 60-Sec
Science Fiction 60-Sec
Singer/Songwriter 60-Sec
Soundalikes 60-Sec
Spiritual 60-Sec
Sports 60-Sec
Themes 60-Sec
Tropical 60-Sec
UK Bass 60-Sec
Vietnamese 60-Sec
World Music 60-Sec

Action 30-Sec
African 30-Sec
Americana 30-Sec
Animal 30-Sec
Asian 30-Sec
Blues 30-Sec
Brazilian 30-Sec
Cartoon 30-Sec
Childrens 30-Sec
Chinese 30-Sec
Christmas 30-Sec
Circus 30-Sec
Classical 30-Sec
Comedy 30-Sec
Corporate 30-Sec
Country 30-Sec
Dance 30-Sec
Dangerous 30-Sec
Dramatic 30-Sec
Drums 30-Sec
East European 30-Sec
Electronic 30-Sec
European 30-Sec
Folk 30-Sec
Hawaiian 30-Sec
Hip Hop 30-Sec
Horror 30-Sec
Indian 30-Sec
Indie Rock 30-Sec
Japanese 30-Sec
Jazz 30-Sec
Latin 30-Sec
Middle East 30-Sec
Military 30-Sec
National Anthem 30-Sec
New Age 30-Sec
News 30-Sec
Pop 30-Sec
Reggae 30-Sec
Reggaeton 30-Sec
RnB 30-Sec
Rock 30-Sec
Science Fiction 30-Sec
Singer/Songwriter 30-Sec
Soundalikes 30-Sec
Spiritual 30-Sec
Sports 30-Sec
Themes 30-Sec
Tropical 30-Sec
UK Bass 30-Sec
Vietnamese 30-Sec
World Music 30-Sec

Action 15-Sec
African 15-Sec
Americana 15-Sec
Animal 15-Sec
Asian 15-Sec
Blues 15-Sec
Brazilian 15-Sec
Cartoon 15-Sec
Childrens 15-Sec
Chinese 15-Sec
Christmas 15-Sec
Circus 15-Sec
Classical 15-Sec
Comedy 15-Sec
Corporate 15-Sec
Country 15-Sec
Dance 15-Sec
Dangerous 15-Sec
Dramatic 15-Sec
Drums 15-Sec
East European 15-Sec
Electronic 15-Sec
European 15-Sec
Folk 15-Sec
Hawaiian 15-Sec
Hip Hop 15-Sec
Horror 15-Sec
Indian 15-Sec
Indie Rock 15-Sec
Japanese 15-Sec
Jazz 15-Sec
Latin 15-Sec
Middle East 15-Sec
Military 15-Sec
National Anthem 15-Sec
New Age 15-Sec
News 15-Sec
Pop 15-Sec
Reggae 15-Sec
Reggaeton 15-Sec
RnB 15-Sec
Rock 15-Sec
Science Fiction 15-Sec
Singer/Songwriter 15-Sec
Soundalikes 15-Sec
Spiritual 15-Sec
Sports 15-Sec
Themes 15-Sec
Tropical 15-Sec
UK Bass 15-Sec
Vietnamese 15-Sec
World Music 15-Sec


Definitive Commercial Music

With tens of thousands of hot commercial music tracks at your fingertips, why go anywhere else? We make it so easy for you to find the perfect edit, in the perfect genre, mood or style. Take your productions to a whole new level today with music from!

Today's Featured Artist

KLM Music

Based in Ukraine, KLM Music was founded in 2010 by multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and sound designer Klimentij Skripnikov. He was previously a lead member in the band "Abraziya," but his current focus is on writing original material for Film, TV, and Commercial use. Writing in the Pop, Rock, Ambient, and Kids genres, much of KLM Music's songs, like "Upbeat Energetic" and "Happy Acoustic," have a positive and energetic mood that you will find infectious!

Happy Acoustic
A positive and optimistic acoustic track with ukulele, glockenspiel upright bass, acoustic guitar, upright bass and drums. Ideal for corporate advertising, commercials and internet videos...

A positive and optimistic acoustic track with ukulele, glockenspiel, bass, piano, percussion and drums. Ideal for corporate advertising, commercials and internet videos as well as uses in...

Energetic Indie Rock
A positive and energetic lite rock track featuring electric guitars, piano, bass guitar, drums and percussion. You can use this track as a background in your business projects, videos, sl...

Sunny Mood
It’s an optimistic, uplifting and bright track with ukulele, bells, drums, bass, electric and acoustic piano, B3, percussion and a feel-good mood. Perfect for commercials and advertising,...

Corporate Business Background
Positive, uplifting and inspiring soft corporate ambient background music is perfect as background music for inspirational and successful story, advertisement and TV commercial, brand com...

Inspirational Piano
An inspiring and motivational airy pop track with many elements such as echo guitars, bass guitar, synthesizer, piano and drums. Waves of sound pulse over the listener making this perfect...

New Commercial Music on Site
Michael Musco Optimistic Outlook - Michael Musco
Rudy Pusateri Cheerful Scooter - Rudy Pusateri
Leon Ayers, Jr. Against Time - Leon Ayers, Jr.
Mr. Walker Time Waits for None - Mr. Walker
Dragan Matic Way Up - Dragan Matic
Klaus Gyordy Flying Machine (House Music) - 60sec - Klaus Gyordy
Margaret Street Happy Feelings - Margaret Street
Henrik Norberg Standing Rock - Henrik Norberg
Hanjo Gabler Trivial Backstory - Hanjo Gabler
Du Lac Universal Heat - Du Lac
Big Prod Sounds Chill Out Journey - Big Prod Sounds
Diamond City Upbeat and Happy - Diamond City
Herrick In California - Herrick
Patrick Best How It's Made - Patrick Best
Alandra Let's Go Party 39 Sec - Alandra
Yes Thats Great Road Tinted - Yes Thats Great
Carl Miles Brazilian Flower - Carl Miles
MX47 The Future - MX47
Lars Christian Lundholm Orchestral Big Band Elegance 10 - Lars Christian Lundholm
Wilf Churcher Playtime in Winter - Wilf Churcher
D. Silverstone Final Round (Loop B) - D. Silverstone
Vladimir Lakodin Universe Is Beautiful - Vladimir Lakodin
Stefano Fucili Tempo - Stefano Fucili
David Gosnell Unmistakably Upbeat - David Gosnell
Ross Milligan Surf Fiction - Ross Milligan
Peter Cole Upbeat Magic - Peter Cole
Leon Ayers, Jr. Autumn Twilight - Leon Ayers, Jr.
Blossom Runway Dream - Blossom
The Color of a Dream Soaring Inspiration - The Color of a Dream
Mikael Manvelyan Highlight - Mikael Manvelyan
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