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Below are just some of the great commercial music tracks on our site, perfect for commercial advertising on TV, Radio and Internet, news show themes, corporate branding, video or website presentations and other business uses.

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Nicholas Pesci Aerodynamics - Nicholas Pesci
Marco Pesci Together We Will Succeed - Marco Pesci
Robert Neary Bright Future - Robert Neary
J.T. Peterson Corporate High Rise - J.T. Peterson
Wolftooth Sleep Bank - Wolftooth
Christophe Espern Sweet Life - Christophe Espern
Jeremy Bell Happy Go Lucky - Jeremy Bell
Ron Komie The Road Less Traveled (Full) - Ron Komie
Roeland Ruijsch Whistle Dance - Roeland Ruijsch
Stefano Fucili Green Eyes - Stefano Fucili
Music Candy Wild Ride - Music Candy
Jacco Willems You Are My Star - Jacco Willems
Rolanoid Picture Perfect - Rolanoid
BeepCode Beautiful Life - BeepCode
Amazing Music Glorious - Amazing Music
Dean Wagg Tomorrow We Fly Corporate Class - Dean Wagg
John Murray Coldplay Success 60sec Edit - John Murray
Stan Tristan AT&T Sound Alike - Stan Tristan
John Judd Confidence - John Judd
Matt Wilcox Celebrating the Victory 60sec - Matt Wilcox
D. Silverstone Grand Success (60 Sec Underscore) - D. Silverstone
David Waugh Cool (60 Sec) - David Waugh
Akela Sun Journey to Fairyland II 60 Sec - Akela Sun
Doug Michael Your Brand Here - Doug Michael
KLM Music Good Mood (60 Sec) - KLM Music
KLM Music Fan and Upbeat (60 Sec) - KLM Music
Jonathan Wright Inspirational Ideas - Jonathan Wright
Western Horizon Productions Sunday Afternoons 60 Sec. - Western Horizon Productions
Alec Makinson Buttercups & Daisies (Main Mix) - Alec Makinson
Stefano Fucili Spaghetti Western Lullaby - Stefano Fucili
Konstantinos Panagiotidis Birds of Sorrow (60 Sec) - Konstantinos Panagiotidis
Lorenzo Johnson Feel the Joy_60sec - Lorenzo Johnson
Marco Pesci Together We Will Succeed (30sec A) - Marco Pesci
Somatiq Audio Profound Thoughts - Somatiq Audio
Ethereal Motion Positive Fun (:30) - Ethereal Motion
Jay King Climbing to the Top (30 Sec) - Jay King
Dean Wagg A Laugh a Smile & A Kiss 30 Sec - Dean Wagg
The Color of a Dream Minimal World Corporate (30 Sec) - The Color of a Dream
Alexander Khaskin Best in Town TV Commercial - Alexander Khaskin
Jive Ass Sleepers Driving and Thriving - Jive Ass Sleepers
Ron Komie Sparkle of Silver - Ron Komie
D. Silverstone Green Valley of Hope - 30 Seconds - D. Silverstone
Lindy Botha Confidence - 30 Second (B) - Lindy Botha
Alec Makinson Happy Chappy (30sec With Whistle) - Alec Makinson
Daniel Bijan The Sun Is Shining - Daniel Bijan
Nicholas Pesci Feeling Hip 30 - Nicholas Pesci
Hanjo Gabler Happy Surfer Advertiser - Hanjo Gabler
Evens Colas Mediaone - Evens Colas
Jean-Thomas Cloutier Step Into the Ring - 15sec - Jean-Thomas Cloutier
Marco Pesci Moving Logo - Marco Pesci
MF Happy Feelings (15sec) - MF
Nicholas Pesci Picture of You (Verse) - Nicholas Pesci
Anton Atom city time motion (15s) - Anton Atom
Wilton Vought Cascade (18) - Wilton Vought
Jaap Visser Orchestral Logo 7 - Jaap Visser
Danny Poit The Simple Joys (15 Sec) - Danny Poit
J.T. Peterson Corporate High Rise (Sting Wo Cymbal) - J.T. Peterson
John Judd Imagine Mandolins - John Judd
Diamond City Summer Day Loop (4) - Diamond City
Stan Erbrink The One (Loop C) - Stan Erbrink
Chris Hodges Today Was Fun (Sting) - Chris Hodges
Maria Grigoryeva Ambient Logo4 - Maria Grigoryeva
Reil Brothers Uplifting Confident Outlook Loop - Reil Brothers
Louise Heaney The Streets Loop 2 - Louise Heaney

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Action 60-Sec
African 60-Sec
Americana 60-Sec
Animal 60-Sec
Asian 60-Sec
Blues 60-Sec
Brazilian 60-Sec
Cartoon 60-Sec
Childrens 60-Sec
Chinese 60-Sec
Christmas 60-Sec
Circus 60-Sec
Classical 60-Sec
Comedy 60-Sec
Corporate 60-Sec
Country 60-Sec
Dance 60-Sec
Dangerous 60-Sec
Dramatic 60-Sec
Drums 60-Sec
East European 60-Sec
Electronic 60-Sec
European 60-Sec
Folk 60-Sec
Hawaiian 60-Sec
Hip Hop 60-Sec
Horror 60-Sec
Indian 60-Sec
Indie Rock 60-Sec
Japanese 60-Sec
Jazz 60-Sec
Latin 60-Sec
Middle East 60-Sec
Military 60-Sec
National Anthem 60-Sec
New Age 60-Sec
News 60-Sec
Pop 60-Sec
Reggae 60-Sec
Reggaeton 60-Sec
RnB 60-Sec
Rock 60-Sec
Science Fiction 60-Sec
Singer/Songwriter 60-Sec
Soundalikes 60-Sec
Spiritual 60-Sec
Sports 60-Sec
Themes 60-Sec
Tropical 60-Sec
UK Bass 60-Sec
Vietnamese 60-Sec
World Music 60-Sec

Action 30-Sec
African 30-Sec
Americana 30-Sec
Animal 30-Sec
Asian 30-Sec
Blues 30-Sec
Brazilian 30-Sec
Cartoon 30-Sec
Childrens 30-Sec
Chinese 30-Sec
Christmas 30-Sec
Circus 30-Sec
Classical 30-Sec
Comedy 30-Sec
Corporate 30-Sec
Country 30-Sec
Dance 30-Sec
Dangerous 30-Sec
Dramatic 30-Sec
Drums 30-Sec
East European 30-Sec
Electronic 30-Sec
European 30-Sec
Folk 30-Sec
Hawaiian 30-Sec
Hip Hop 30-Sec
Horror 30-Sec
Indian 30-Sec
Indie Rock 30-Sec
Japanese 30-Sec
Jazz 30-Sec
Latin 30-Sec
Middle East 30-Sec
Military 30-Sec
National Anthem 30-Sec
New Age 30-Sec
News 30-Sec
Pop 30-Sec
Reggae 30-Sec
Reggaeton 30-Sec
RnB 30-Sec
Rock 30-Sec
Science Fiction 30-Sec
Singer/Songwriter 30-Sec
Soundalikes 30-Sec
Spiritual 30-Sec
Sports 30-Sec
Themes 30-Sec
Tropical 30-Sec
UK Bass 30-Sec
Vietnamese 30-Sec
World Music 30-Sec

Action 15-Sec
African 15-Sec
Americana 15-Sec
Animal 15-Sec
Asian 15-Sec
Blues 15-Sec
Brazilian 15-Sec
Cartoon 15-Sec
Childrens 15-Sec
Chinese 15-Sec
Christmas 15-Sec
Circus 15-Sec
Classical 15-Sec
Comedy 15-Sec
Corporate 15-Sec
Country 15-Sec
Dance 15-Sec
Dangerous 15-Sec
Dramatic 15-Sec
Drums 15-Sec
East European 15-Sec
Electronic 15-Sec
European 15-Sec
Folk 15-Sec
Hawaiian 15-Sec
Hip Hop 15-Sec
Horror 15-Sec
Indian 15-Sec
Indie Rock 15-Sec
Japanese 15-Sec
Jazz 15-Sec
Latin 15-Sec
Middle East 15-Sec
Military 15-Sec
National Anthem 15-Sec
New Age 15-Sec
News 15-Sec
Pop 15-Sec
Reggae 15-Sec
Reggaeton 15-Sec
RnB 15-Sec
Rock 15-Sec
Science Fiction 15-Sec
Singer/Songwriter 15-Sec
Soundalikes 15-Sec
Spiritual 15-Sec
Sports 15-Sec
Themes 15-Sec
Tropical 15-Sec
UK Bass 15-Sec
Vietnamese 15-Sec
World Music 15-Sec


Definitive Commercial Music

With tens of thousands of hot commercial music tracks at your fingertips, why go anywhere else? We make it so easy for you to find the perfect edit, in the perfect genre, mood or style. Take your productions to a whole new level today with music from!

Today's Featured Artist

Amazing Music

Amazing Music is a premier music collective from California generating hit after hit via the songs of many artists, singers, songwriters, bands, and composers. Their high quality composer catalogs online here present a brilliantly diverse set of styles and genres - Drama, Action, Rock, Quirky, Acoustic, Epic, Sci Fi - perfect for all new media, film, and TV. Placements include Disney's PROM soundtrack, True Blood, The Borgias trailers, M. Night's The Happening, The Princess and the Frog, Courtney & Khloe Take Miami, All My Children, One Tree Hill, Brotherhood, ESPN, and more.

Fight Song
Rocky Theme Eye of the Tiger, parody sound a like, triumphant, epic, uplifting, winning, glory, inspirational and motivating, great for sports or corporate events, presentations, challeng...

Leons Theme
Kings of Leon Use Somebody parody sound a like, Feel good acoustic pop with electric guitar lead melody, melodic and easy, carefree, warm, positive, optimistic, upbeat, happy, summery lig...

Queen Like
queen sound-a-like, piano intro, bouncy, Happy, fun, comedy, joyful, piano and guitar, cartoons, comedic scene, kitsch and quirky romantic comedy, builds momentum, rock and roll, upliftin...

Frankie Went West No Melody
Triumphant, Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax sound-a-like, epic, uplifting, winning, glory, inspirational and motivating, great for sports or corporate events, presentations, challenging, ...

Triumphant, epic orchestral, uplifting, winning, glory, inspirational and motivating, great for sports or corporate events, presentations, challenging, new beginnings, powerful and strong...

Japanese Tea House

New Commercial Music on Site
Eric Kenneth Corporate Music Theme New Business (30 Sec) - Eric Kenneth
Du Lac Birds Flutes - Du Lac
Akela Sun Epic (30sec) - Akela Sun
Edouard Andre Reny Sweet Corporate (15s) - Edouard Andre Reny
Big Prod Sounds Chill Out Journey - Big Prod Sounds
Nigel Male Secret Desires - Nigel Male
Reil Brothers Happy Days - 30 Seconds No Drums - Reil Brothers
Leran Wang 5/4 Fast Swing Pantatonic Jazz - Leran Wang
Ausilio Inside Me - Ausilio
Guido Gavazzi Silvery Moon 30x - Guido Gavazzi
Arthur Rong Pension Blues (30 Sec) - Arthur Rong
Phil McC Elementary My Dear Watson 30s 2 - Phil McC
Patrick Best It Works - Patrick Best
Denis Woods Hi Tech Design - Denis Woods
Michael Keck Chicken Scratching Funky Blues - Michael Keck
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Giant - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Yes Thats Great Road Tinted - Yes Thats Great
Michael Keck Midnight Run - Michael Keck
Herrick In California - Herrick
Eddie Caldwell Sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Feat. Gabriele Saro - Eddie Caldwell
Nora Berg Magnetic Love - Nora Berg
Yes Thats Great Positricity - Yes Thats Great
Dragan Matic Up and Up - Dragan Matic
Ron Komie Rise to the Call (Sting2) - Ron Komie
Gary Queen Alan's Country Train - Gary Queen
Peter Godfrey Be the Best (Short Edit) - Peter Godfrey
Big Prod Sounds Peaceful Expansion - Big Prod Sounds
Ross Milligan Just Feels So Good - Ross Milligan
Guido Gavazzi Silvery Moon 30 - Guido Gavazzi
Tom Rae Bold and True - Tom Rae
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