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World fusion music is a fusion genre of world music, blending musical traditions from around the world, and possibly mixing them with modern music such as jazz or rock. The term was coined in 1978 and has since become a standard term used in the music industry.

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  467  Pan-World Fusion
  139  Reggae Fusion
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Best Selling World Fusion Tracks
Thomas Seher Welcome to Turkey 2 - Thomas Seher
Minoru Amino Pusan Salam Small Band - Minoru Amino
Michael Keck Tokin' On the Hookah Le Souk - Michael Keck
Peter Bennborn Project Flight of Fancy - Peter Bennborn Project
Bobby Cole Brazillian Marching Drummers - Bobby Cole
Joe Pignato Aboriginal Lights - Joe Pignato
Jasen Shawn Smith Little China Doll (No Theme) - Jasen Shawn Smith
Music Candy Ramona - Music Candy
David C. Hewitt Visions of Passacaglia - David C. Hewitt
Akela Sun African Safari 2 - Akela Sun
Andrew GCN Fleming African Sun - Andrew GCN Fleming
Artur Bayramgalin Enisei - Artur Bayramgalin
Bob Petrocelli Remembering the Dream - 60 Sec - Bob Petrocelli
Stan Tristan Angry Mexican - Stan Tristan
Owen Phillips Dubadillo (Seamless Loop 2) - Owen Phillips
Erwin Steijlen Pune India (Full Length) - Erwin Steijlen
The Cloud Inspector Chhath Puja (60 Sec) - The Cloud Inspector
Al Vienneau Indonesion Hustle - Al Vienneau
Aricorder Jungle Beats - Aricorder
Arpad Zsolt Domahidi China Epic Cinematic New Year 30s A - Arpad Zsolt Domahidi
Alan Brian Curtis Happy Latin Swing - Alan Brian Curtis
Music Candy Emilie - Music Candy
Pete Bax Modern Lion Dance Backing Tape - Pete Bax
Leland Thomas Faegre Serengeti Serenade - Leland Thomas Faegre
Nigel Male Look East - Nigel Male
Kenji Aoi Uyghur Session - Kenji Aoi
David Banks Punjara - David Banks
Ian Hubball Transcendental - Ian Hubball
Hanjo Gabler Asian Farmer - Hanjo Gabler
Ramazan Yuksel Anatolia (Middle Eastern Soundtrack) - Ramazan Yuksel
Carlos Estella Pan Xianghang (The Fish Child) - Carlos Estella
Akela Sun Japanese Atmosphere - Akela Sun
DJ Rimka ( F ) World Music - DJ Rimka
Rik Roberts Beautiful India Instrumental - Rik Roberts
D. Silverstone Far Is the East - Full Length - D. Silverstone
Minoru Amino Tejong - Minoru Amino
Francesco Giovannangelo Asian Wind - Francesco Giovannangelo
Adriano Plotzki Pampa (30 Sec) - Adriano Plotzki
Max Trax Breakfast in Taipei 60s B - Max Trax
Paul Carlson Mid East Chillout - Paul Carlson
David Banks Caribbean Hop (No Beat) - David Banks
Alexander Khaskin Life Is Beautiful - Alexander Khaskin
Wolftooth Island Jamming - Wolftooth
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Football Language Universal - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Florian Zenker African Landscape - Florian Zenker
Wes Webb Mushrooms (Shorter Version 3 With Voice Sample) - Wes Webb
Ibiza Fashion House Girl of Beijing - Ibiza Fashion House
Tom Rae Rainbow Nations - Tom Rae
Pete Bax Original Lion Dance Asian - Pete Bax
Andrew GCN Fleming Maori Sun - Andrew GCN Fleming
Peter Roe Children of Africa 2 - Peter Roe
Brannan Lane Jungle Juice - Brannan Lane
Tom Dwyer Asian Skies - Tom Dwyer
Eddie Grey The Right Path - Eddie Grey
Sergey Firsov Africana - Sergey Firsov
Somatiq Audio Epic Journey - Somatiq Audio
Wilton Vought The Bollywood Bop - Wilton Vought
OM World Como Suave (With Vocal Ending) - OM World
David Phillips Afternoon Bazaar - David Phillips
Peter Godfrey Hum This Toon - Peter Godfrey
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