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World fusion music is a fusion genre of world music, blending musical traditions from around the world, and possibly mixing them with modern music such as jazz or rock. The term was coined in 1978 and has since become a standard term used in the music industry.

  427  African World Fusion
  243  Asian World Fusion
  55  Australian World Fusion
  9  Aztec World Fusion
  425  Indian World Fusion
  395  Latin World Fusion
  426  Middle-Eastern World Fusion
  457  Pan-World Fusion
  139  Reggae Fusion
  20  World Fusion (pending categorization)
  18  World Fusion MusicPacks

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Best Selling World Fusion Tracks
RLC Music Spice It Up (15 Sec Edit B) - RLC Music
Akela Sun African Safari 2 - Akela Sun
Andy Schofield African Savannah - Andy Schofield
Cornbread Murphy Mt. Olympus - Cornbread Murphy
Luke Gartner-Brereton High Hills Low Hearts - Luke Gartner-Brereton
Andy Schofield African Pride - Andy Schofield
Luke Gartner-Brereton Little Whimper - Luke Gartner-Brereton
Wolftooth Island Jamming - Wolftooth
Tom Dwyer Asian Skies 2 - Tom Dwyer
Aaron J Curtis Party Miami (30sec) - Aaron J Curtis
Liam Bradbury The Winds of Change - Liam Bradbury
SMM Productions Deepest India - SMM Productions
Andrew GCN Fleming African Sun - Andrew GCN Fleming
Max Trax Breakfast in Taipei - Max Trax
C Low Ray English Girl From China - C Low Ray
Michael Keck Global Mist - Michael Keck
Wilton Vought The Bollywood Bop (330) - Wilton Vought
Ian Hubball Mandela Liberation - Ian Hubball
Tom Dwyer Asian Skies - Tom Dwyer
Kamlesh Deepak Drolia Indian Flute Enigma - Kamlesh Deepak Drolia
Smile Potato Head Desert Seasons(F Minor)30 Sec - Smile Potato Head
Rudy Pusateri Mahalo - Shorter Version (No Intro) - Rudy Pusateri
David Phillips Afternoon Bazaar - David Phillips
Davinia Leonne Sanadousso - Davinia Leonne
Wilton Vought The Bollywood Bop - Wilton Vought
Wes Webb Mushrooms (Shorter Version 3 With Voice Sample) - Wes Webb
Ian Hubball Transcendental - Ian Hubball
Al Vienneau Indonesion Hustle - Al Vienneau
Stan Tristan Angry Mexican - Stan Tristan
Guido Gavazzi Eternity - Guido Gavazzi
Eddie Grey Kishi Kaisei (Full) - Eddie Grey
Alex Maciel Pagbiyahe - Alex Maciel
Prizm Prime Ethnic Fusion - Prizm Prime
Winthrop Brookhouse Mountain Mist - Winthrop Brookhouse
Minoru Amino Tejong - Minoru Amino
Kenji Aoi Cultivation - Simple Life - Kenji Aoi
Artur Bayramgalin Enisei - Artur Bayramgalin
Western Horizon Productions The Dragon Flower - Western Horizon Productions
Jive Ass Sleepers Above the Orient - Jive Ass Sleepers
Inochi Feeling - Inochi
Francesco Giovannangelo Asian Wind - Francesco Giovannangelo
Harri Kangas Oriental Sunday - Harri Kangas
Carlos Estella Pan Xianghang (The Fish Child) - Carlos Estella
Francois Rivollet Zen Koto Story (30s Version) - Francois Rivollet
David Banks Punjara - David Banks
Carlos Estella Ali Baba - Carlos Estella
David C. Hewitt Visions of Passacaglia - David C. Hewitt
Cultural Composer Silk Road Voice (30 Seconds) - Cultural Composer
Michael Keck Toakin' On the Hookah Le Souk - Michael Keck
Thomas Seher Welcome to Turkey 2 - Thomas Seher
D. Silverstone Far Is the East - Full Length - D. Silverstone
Winthrop Brookhouse Sonus - Winthrop Brookhouse
Rik Roberts Beautiful India Instrumental - Rik Roberts
Max Trax Breakfast in Taipei 60s B - Max Trax
Hanjo Gabler Asian Farmer - Hanjo Gabler
Carl Miles Message in a Bottle - Carl Miles
Alexander Khaskin Galilee - Alexander Khaskin
John Lawrence Schick Mysterious Asian Keys - John Lawrence Schick
Arpad Zsolt Domahidi Tea Time With Grandma Just Yangquin - Arpad Zsolt Domahidi
David Waugh Senegal (30 Sec) - David Waugh
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