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In American culture, folk music refers to the American folk music revival, music exemplified by such musicians as Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Pete Seeger, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, and Joan Baez, who popularized and encouraged the lyrical style in the 1950s and 1960s. Folk music can also describe a particular kind of popular music which is based on traditional music. Related genres include Folk rock, Electric folk and Progressive folk music.

The original meaning of the term "folk music" was synonymous with the term "Traditional music", also often including World Music and Roots music; the term "Traditional music" was given its more specific meaning to distinguish it from the other definitions that "Folk music ...
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  11  Anti-Folk
  61  Appalachian Folk
  89  British Folk music
  38  Christian Folk
  427  Contemporary Folk
  17  Drinking Songs
  113  European Folk music
  409  Finger-Picked Guitar
  96  Folk Dramatic
107  Folk Jazz
  10  Folk Oldies
  417  Folk Pop
377  Folk Rock
375  Folk Singer/Songwriter
  79  Folktronica
  24  Jewish Folk music
  5  Jug Band
  66  Latin Folk
  13  Political Folk
  25  Progressive Folk
  15  Psychedelic Folk
  26  Sea Shanties | General
  18  Sea Shanties | Pirate songs
  5  Skiffle
  310  Traditional Folk

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Best Selling Folk Music Tracks
Steve E. Williams The River - Acoustic Guitars Only - Steve E. Williams
Mays & Corn Happy (Instrumental Mix) - Mays & Corn
Dean Wagg Love All The Folk (No Vocals) - Dean Wagg
Daniel Cullen The Manchester Mill - Daniel Cullen
Dean Wagg That Girl Instrumental - Dean Wagg
Chris Michols Cause & Effect (Clean Version) - Chris Michols
Kepha Peter Martin Ah, Marie - Kepha Peter Martin
Rob Johnson Campfire - Rob Johnson
Chuck Mott Simplicity (60 Secs ) - Chuck Mott
Steve Dafoe You Are the One - Steve Dafoe
Michael Corn Building the Bridge - Michael Corn
Gus Caveda Acoustic Flow One - Gus Caveda
Record/Play Music On the Hill - Record/Play Music
Amazing Music Card Games - Amazing Music
Paul Reece Waltzing Matilda (Vocal) - Paul Reece
Greg Patmore Good Fellow Fantasty - Greg Patmore
John Christopher Thomas Oh Lord (Instrumental) - John Christopher Thomas
Rosalind Richards Andean Hopscotch - Rosalind Richards
Wolftooth Homeland Politics - Wolftooth
Worldstage Music Serendipity Serenade - Worldstage Music
Right Track You Can't Blame Me - Right Track
Scarper Rizky Bizness - Scarper
Western Horizon Productions Hanukkah, O Hanukkah 15 Sec. - Western Horizon Productions
Michael Keck Tzur Mishelo Solo Clarinet - Michael Keck
Space Taster Garland Day Mare - Space Taster
Medina The Middle - Medina
Ideascapes Music Shenandoah - Ideascapes Music
TJ Kross Pirate Island - TJ Kross
Jerry Brewer Two Angels Aka Libby and Abby - Jerry Brewer
Fern Mother Earth Is Crying - Fern
Edouard Andre Reny One Day (Loop 8bar) - Edouard Andre Reny
Dean Graham Wolfe Birdsong Logo One - Dean Graham Wolfe
Kevin Packard Mandolin Walk - Kevin Packard
Randy Phillips Troubadour - Randy Phillips
Deep Sister Forty Four (Heavy Loop) - Deep Sister
Chris Michols Cause & Effect (Instrumental) - Chris Michols
Graham Pagano Delicacy - Graham Pagano
Ernesto Martin Terra - Ernesto Martin
Kevin M. Baumgard Pirates N' Rum - 30 Sec. A - Kevin M. Baumgard
Mark Hewer Daybreak - Mark Hewer
Mark J Smith Lament - Mark J Smith
Damir Kolakovic Techno Banjo - Damir Kolakovic
Alec Makinson Family Picnic (30sec) - Alec Makinson
Kent Scott Carter Wcountry - Kent Scott Carter
Nick Nicolas Hampstead Heath (30 Sec Alternate Master) - Nick Nicolas
Scarper Tea & Sympathy - Scarper
Denis Turbide Dimples - Denis Turbide
Gary Wolk Oiy! - Gary Wolk
Amycanbe Let Me - Amycanbe
Yes Thats Great Mini Me Hearty - Yes Thats Great
Adam DiTroia Pirate Legends - Adam DiTroia
Randy Phillips Soldier - Randy Phillips
Ian Kirton Millford Wood (No Drums) - Ian Kirton
Chris Hodges Roots and Revelations (Sting 1) - Chris Hodges
Nicola Donchev I Find You - Nicola Donchev
Damir Kolakovic Techno Banjo (Sonic Mix) - Damir Kolakovic
Alec Makinson Sunny Daze (60sec) - Alec Makinson
Kepha Peter Martin French Blue Valse (Jazz Accordion Musette Solo) - Kepha Peter Martin
The Gravitons Mine Tonight - The Gravitons
Ryan Brady Cuban City - Ryan Brady
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