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Music Editor's Picks

Our Music Cult music editors have hand-selected our most exemplary beautiful, scary, tragic or whimsical music for your review, in our best-selling genres. Click the play icon below and hear the stunning compositions of over 1,571 composers from around the world, creating new tracks daily for every production under the sun. These are both seasoned Hollywood composers and hot new talent whose music is most often used by our clients, including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Television, HBO, and others.

Here you will find up-and-coming Indie bands, sizzling hot vocals, virtuoso solo pianists, or intense, high-octane dramatic music ... plus genuine ethnic music from Tahiti, Argentina, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, etc. We present below both instrumental and vocal tracks in English and every language imaginable. You can either HotList or instantly license and download any of these exciting tracks TODAY!

NOTE: Refresh your browser page (or click here) to see new choices of tracks below. Click on the track's title to read about any track. To review any composer's Best Selling tracks, double-click the track title, and once it opens, then click on the artist's name.

 Action Music Go To  
Dan Morrissey   Wildfire
Valeriy Antonyuk   Urbanism
Jonathan Wright   Hot Pursuit
Vess Ray   Prepare for Battle
Carlos Estella   Epic Uplifting Hybrid Motion
Eldar Ibrahimovic   Light Far Away
Daniel Cullen   Marauders and Pirates Go to Bat..
Linwood Bell   Cut to the Chase
Wolftooth   Tumble Lock
Kyle Booth   Cinematic Trailer Cue
 African Music Go To  
Rudy Pusateri   Baobab Banana - Underscore
Michael Keck   Warrior King
Akela Sun   I Dream of Africa
Ola Melander   Big Elephant (30 Sec)
Akela Sun   I Dream of Africa
Gary Wolk   Jacaranda
Michael Keck   Umoja - the Children Sing for U..
Junhak Lee   Exploring the Haunted House
Vess Ray   Afro Corporate
RCummins   Just One Dance (30-Sec)
 Americana Music Go To  
Steve Dafoe   Blending of the Ages (For John ..
Joe Pignato   Spirit Song
Hanjo Gabler   American Indian
Patricia Holmberg   There's a Long, Long Trail A-Wi..
Ron Komie   Kicking Back On the Front Porch
Really Free Music   The Calming
John M. Peters   Charleston
Mir Wave   Run Around
Jonathan Geer   02 - Americana (Edit 15)
Texas Music Forge   Onward Through the Fog 31
 Animal Music Go To  
Greg Brimson   All About Cats
Michael Corn   Cheetah-Ton
Mark S. Crocker   Aliens Have Landed
Mark S. Crocker   Butterfly Flight
David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis   Lazy Dog (Alt.)
Michael Warner   A Dog's Life
Roger and Ellen Bruno   Clip Clopping Along
Steve Mark   Happiest Cat On Earth - 15 Sec
Alec Makinson   Boneo (Doggy Style) (Sting Us W..
Adam DiTroia   Barking Jean
 Asian Music Go To  
Al Vienneau   Asian Tragedy (Stinger 02)
Sean Balli   Dong Shan Zai Chi (Oriental Hip..
Adam DiTroia   Morning Mist
Big Brown   Oriental Flow
Reed Robbins   Himalayan Trek
Al Vienneau   Japanes Games (30-Sec Version)
Really Free Music   Kata Noi
Eric Waters   Arirang
Big Brown   Bangkok Sunrise
Erwin Steijlen   Shanghai, Chinatown
 Blues Music Go To  
Songs for Seniors   I've Got a Plan
Denis Woods   Bluesville
J Goldfinger   Howlin Blues
Richie Milton   Nothing Can Stop Me
Leon Ayers, Jr.   Baby Done Gone
Tom Horner   Twang Time
Vess Ray   Green Garlic
Joe McGowan   Shine
Roger and Ellen Bruno   Trouble All Around Instrumental
Alan Fagan   Cool Beans (DNB)
 Brazilian Music Go To  
Alessandro D'Aloia   Maceio - Maracatu'
Skip Peck   The Struggle
Skip Peck   Refreshed
Gary Wolk   Rio By Night
Lars Christian Lundholm   Don't Stop That Great Euphoria
Ross Milligan   Spill the Beans
Music Candy   Festa (Underscore 60 Secs)
Ethereal Motion   Bossa Baby (No Sax Melody)
Amazing Music   South America – Flute Song
Jive Ass Sleepers   Brazilian Rain
 Cartoon Music Go To  
Music Candy   World's Gone Crazy Underscore1 ..
erdin   Insane Whistler
Peter Godfrey   Strange Music (20 Secs)
Dmitriy Andronov   Comediants
Music Candy   It's Time For...
Music Candy   Intro. Here It Comes
The Fifth Chord   Whistle On a Sunday Afternoon One
Maxim Tyutmanov   Naked King 30's V2 (Brass Wood)
Jonathan Geer   Surfing on the Moon (60 sec)
John Judd   Brilliant Idea
 Childrens Music Go To  
David Flavin   Music Box Ballerina 60
Paint Chips   Pink Freud
Nery Bauer   Circus Lounge
Alexander Khaskin   Lazy Day
Paint Chips   Mismatched Socks
Vladimir Lakodin   Fairy Tale
RLC Music   The Musical Box (Lullaby Mix)
Paint Chips   Warm Fuzzy Orangy Red
ElevenTwelve   Bach Cello Suite No1 Prelude (A..
Joey Curtin   Hush Little Baby (Vocal)
 Chinese Music Go To  
Really Free Music   Orientic
Ron Verboom   Koyasan
Leran Wang   A Beautiful Day
Carlos Estella   The Amazing Yan-Hao
Kevin M. Baumgard   Chinese Take Out - 30 Sec
Carl Miles   Forbidden City
Big Prod Sounds   Journey Through China
Dmitry Efimov   Great Tiger
Rosalind Richards   Moon Lullaby
Connor Helms   Yangqin Ying
 Christmas Music Go To  
Liam Bradbury   Christmas Morning
MX47   Deck the Halls Bx7
Hanjo Gabler   Mary
Joe Pignato   Almost Time for Christmas
BadaBing BadaBoom   Big City Christmas Siren and Wa..
Dean Wagg   Deck the Halls New York Piano V..
Studio 1   Snowy Sleigh Ride Stinger A
Hanjo Gabler   Alright It's Christmas Time
Michelle Lockey   Packages and Bows (Instr)
Wicked Ear Candy   Bethlehem Joy
 Circus Music Go To  
Markus Bravo   Circus Clown Crazy Fun
Aaron Saloman   Dance of the Projectionists (St..
Aaron Saloman   Dance of the Projectionists (30..
Aaron J Curtis   Lullabye de France
Markus Bravo   Circus Music Organette, Chimes ..
Maris Lasmanis   Happy-Go-Lucky Hedgehog
Marco Pesci   Goofy Waltz No Orch Effects
Music For TV and Games   Big Top Circus
Francesco Accardo   The Clown Life
Duane Spencer   Circus On the Square
 Classical Music Go To  
Sherry Shieh   Reborn
Carlos Estella   Little Adventure
Rob Shedwick   Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Bartok Music   Albeniz: Cadiz
ElevenTwelve   Mozart Rondo Alla Turca Arr. Fo..
Music Candy   Flying Bicycle
Jean-Thomas Cloutier   The Impressionnist
David C. Hewitt   Grieg Morning Mood - Peer Gynt ..
Ocean Media   Evening Dance
David C. Hewitt   Aquarium [Saint Saens] 60 Sec
 Comedy Music Go To  
Marco Pesci   That Funny Clown (No Whistle No..
Patricia Hontoir   Comedie
Skip Peck   How Time Flies
Fab Claxton   Bouncy Time
Giulio Fazio   Cabaret Voltaire
Alec Makinson   Perfectly Pizzicato (Alternate ..
Alec Makinson   Tom Foolery (Sting)
Richard Freitas   Twirlygig
Music Candy   Happy Round (30 Secs 1)
Marco Pesci   That Funny Clown (No Cymbals No..
 Corporate Music Go To  
Ross Milligan   Soulful Seduction
Olivier Olsen   My Blue World
John Judd   Powerhouse
Music Candy   Waltons Mountain Underscore
Denis Woods   Control 15 Sec
Dean Wagg   A Sunny Day in the Country
KLM Music   Gentle Acoustic
Andy Schofield   Ave Maria With Alternative Voca..
Ntinos Tselis   Early Mornings (Happy Orchestral)
Denis Woods   Ahyaya 15 Sec
 Country Music Go To  
Randy Parsons   Such a Surprise
Robert Dellaposta   Keep It to Yourself
Kortney Jean   Cowgirl Up
Paul Reece   Love Built That Cabin (Vocal)
Dan Robinson   Ain't No Wrong Way to Do Whats ..
Music Candy   Western Skies
Music Candy   Rednex (60 Secs)
Music Candy   Sunset Porch (30 Secs)
Music Candy   Homestead Shuffle
Music Candy   T-Bone
 Dance Music Go To  
Tom Hajduk   Girl 28
Cosher   Tribe Feat. Janice
Greg Brimson   Hardcore Dance Metal
Jonas West   Reelin' In Your Sunshine
Konstantinos Panagiotidis   In the Club (30 Sec)
Jonathan Wright   Here Comes the Weekend
Jive Ass Sleepers   I Can See Your Heart
Jeff Whitcher   Maximus Ravis Groovis
Music Candy   Lovin This Dream
Roeland Ruijsch   Gangstyle Levels
 Dangerous Music Go To  
Storm Drums   Tough Competitor (Full)
Rob Laber   Mysterious Island
Minoru Amino   Phoebus
Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis   Et Après
Alexander Falinski   Just Say Goodbye
Ron Komie   Sublime Dreams (Edit 1 Full)
Amazing Music   Hidden
MX47   Android Mystery Machine
Alec Makinson   Go-Go Getter (30sec)
Jive Ass Sleepers   Rumbles in the Great Void
 Dramatic Music Go To  
E.L. Mahon   In Flight
Denis Woods   Airworks Sting
Jive Ass Sleepers   Smiling Faces
Music Candy   Nexus (No Choir)
Maxim Tyutmanov   Witches House - Orchestral (Ful..
Music Candy   In the Garden
Enrico Fabio Cortese   Fragments of a Lost Mood
GP Pomponi 432   Winter Symphony
Lindy Botha   Guardian Angel
B&S   British Affaire
 Drum Music Go To  
Tom Jemmott   Rain of Fire Drums
Alessandro D'Aloia   Rio J - (Samba Batucata)
Golden Mean   Night of the Crescent Moon (Per..
Eric Waters   Jazz Drums No.1 (30sec.)
Barry Gilbey   Fury Percussion Only Mix
Steve E. Williams   African Street Dance - Music Bed
Eric Waters   Jazz Drums No.1 (60sec.)
Storm Drums   Genesis
ElevenTwelve   Dodging Bullets
Mark Hewer   Military Marching Beat
 East European Music Go To  
Davor Devcic   Beautiful Rab
Kepha Peter Martin   How Beautiful (Yak Harny)
Elizabeth C. Axford   Tchaikovsky Polka
Alastair Cameron   Polka
Nigel Male   Bolshoi Blu
Amazing Music   Slavic – Hungarian Dance
Dmitriy Andronov   Snow
Kepha Peter Martin   The Lonely Accordion
Davor Devcic   Everything Is Harasho
Laura Sanz   Moscow Nights
 Electronic Music Go To  
Nery Bauer   Time Zone (60-Secs Version)
Joseph Rusnak   City Lights
Composerama   Moonbase Atomic Outpost
Jive Ass Sleepers   Native Skyline
Kevin Woods   Volts
Juan Pablo Zaragoza   Megalithic Ruins Way
Akela Sun   Cycle of 12
Composerama   Future Tech Software Lab
Voluptas Mors   So Dance With Me
Nurko Karabegovic   Catch Me
 European Music Go To  
Really Free Music   Isthmus
Hans Bolex   Paris Cafe Underscore
Andrea Ravizza   Italian Style - Variation Witho..
Stefano Fucili   Tristan Tantris
Rob Laber   Rondevous in Berlin
Eric Waters   Miss Murphy
Music Candy   Beer and Pretzel Polka 30 Sec
Michael Keck   Welsh Lullaby
Bartok Music   Marie
Davor Devcic   Mamma Mia!
 Folk Music Go To  
Paul Reece   The River
Deep Sister   Room for Two (Instrumental)
Jive Ass Sleepers   Childhood Photograph
Denis Turbide   After the Battle Alt2
Dewey Dellay   Ta Ra Ra Boom
Ruby Collins   Swing Low (Vocal) [Special Edit..
Paul Reece   Spanish Angel (Take 2)
Jesper Mattsson   Acoustic Heaven
Stefano Fucili   New Folk Journey
Carlos Estella   Shouts of Victory
 Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Music Go To  
Addam Farmer   Ukuleles On the Beach
Torfi Olafsson   Birds
Denbo17   Duke Ukem
Alec Makinson   Hawaiian Island (Underscore)
Pete Bax   Blue Hawaii Steel Guitar
Western Horizon Productions   Aloha Oe
John Judd   Sister
Eric Waters   Aloha Oe (N. M.30sec.)
Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn   Hawaiian Cocktail
MX47   Lounge Exotica Enchanted Luau
 Hip Hop Music Go To  
Kirk McQueen   Rising Sons
Gordon Nance   Lets Get Drunk (Clean)
Frequencee   Clockwork 60 Sec
Eddie Caldwell   Wiggle Like That Featuring Jers..
Jean-Thomas Cloutier   Touchdown - 15sec
Nathan Peck   NYC Hotbed - Radio Mix
Erwin Steijlen   Rap & Dance
Jive Ass Sleepers   Pimp My Ice Cream Van
Tim Byrd   High On You
Patrick Best   Hideout
 Horror Music Go To  
Nick Smeenk   Crazy Trees
Matthew Reid   Monster Chase
Visions of the Dark   Surging Bass Floor Two
Justin Crosby   An Assassin's Tale - 60 Second ..
Peter Godfrey   The Watchers
Nery Bauer   Beneath the Remains
Stefan Klein   The Cursed Monastery
Crystal Drive   Mischief Makers
Jason Bradley Livesay   Trick Or Treat
David C. Hewitt   The Disquiet (Epic Choir)
 Indian Music Go To  
SMM Productions   Deepest India
Ken Smith   Indian Fusion (60sec)
Bobby Cole   Indian Sitar Melody
Shafa   Skin of Love - "Chamdi Ishqe Di"
Suchitra Lata   Chal Diye (Feat. Divya)
Steve Urwin   Mumbai Bop Bed
Markus Bravo   India Millennium
Really Free Music   Rag - Bhairavi - Two Dhuns
Wilton Vought   Dharma (Segue 3)
Stephen Booke   Khumba Mela
 Indie Rock Music Go To  
Roeland Ruijsch   Good Life
Rob Johnson   Number Theory
Dan Phillipson   New Dawn
Music Candy   Get Me Out
Robert Cole Band   One Step Closer (Radio Edit)
X: THC   A Human Flood
Ron Komie   Jaw Bone Grease (Sting1)
Jacco Willems   You Are My Star
Music Candy   Midnight Richebourg (30 Secs)
Ron Komie   Miracle
 Japanese Music Go To  
Joe Pignato   Samurai Lament
Christopher Fuller   Japanese Harvest Festival
K.O. Star Productions   Japanese Elements
Doubletime Creations   Dreamy Japanese Traditional No. 2
Piotr Pacyna   Fuji in Winter [Loop A]
Dewey Dellay   Opening for Omiai (Japanese)
Eric Waters   Takeda Lullaby (Full)
That's It   Shokuzai
Connor Helms   Lake Saiko Shakuhachi
Colin Willsher   Big in Japan
 Jazz Music Go To  
Lars Christian Lundholm   Fall Stillness Unleashed
Alexandre Molodkov   Night Together
Linwood Bell   Tender Space (Sans FX Backbeat ..
Lars Christian Lundholm   Experimental Admirable Glee
Music Candy   Strut Your Stuff
Music Candy   Dancehall Theme
Richard Freitas   Sweet Lyn Underscore
Lars Christian Lundholm   Distinction Crystal Around All ..
Eric Bolvin   On Sunset
Jive Ass Sleepers   Average White Man
 Latin Music Go To  
Loyda Pichardo- Hjelte   Con Nosotros El Esta
Bartok Music   Albeniz: Cadiz
Juan Pablo Zaragoza   Nada
Elizabeth C. Axford   Tango Argentina No. 1 (English ..
Gary Wolk   Warm Breezes
Eric Bolvin   Miami Mambo Sting
Jo Masino   Fiesta Latina (Vocal)
Tom Jemmott   Malaguena (Guitar)
Jim Chappell   The Passionate Hours
Stuart Sanders   Panpipes Trail
 Middle East Music Go To  
Christian Andersson   City of the Desert Queen - 3 Mi..
Really Free Music   Crossing the Aral
Akela Sun   Arab Spring
Carlos Estella   Mysterious Dance
Jon Purdey   Sirocco
Hariharan Vedamurthy   Arabian Night
Western Horizon Productions   Sadria Sting B
Really Free Music   Sands of the Kara Kum (45s)
Richard Jungles   Marakesh Market
Michael Keck   Adhan - Call to Prayers
 Military Music Go To  
Amazing Music   For Your Country – Brass and Pe..
D. Silverstone   Watch Time (Loopable)
Johnny Breton   Haunted - Horror Soundtrack Wit..
Eddie Caldwell   End of Times Jon Purdey
Mohammed Doham   Empires Fall
Music Candy   In the Heat
Ron Verboom   Nuclear Voyage
RLC Music   Lacrimosa (15 Sec Edit)
Steve E. Williams   Let the Game Begin - 30 Bed
Ron Komie   Dark Velocity Sting2
 National Anthems Go To  
Mark Hewer   O Canada
Tunes Are Me   Irish National Anthem (Amhrán N..
Robert Neary   Guyana National Anthem
Robert Neary   Ireland National Anthem
Robert Neary   Romania National Anthem
Joey Stebanuk   O'Canada Rock Stinger
Bobby Cole   Wales National Anthem Traditional
Robert Neary   Argentina National Anthem
Don Carroll   Star Spangled Banner
Robert Neary   Netherlands National Anthem
 New Age Music Go To  
Wilton Vought   Solitude (146)
Peter Calandra   Montana Sky Full 30
Joe Pignato   Cerebral Serenity
Phil Evans   Voyage to Nowhere
Craig McConnell   Ice Fall
Patrice Williams   Moving Forward
MF   Moonlight Sparkles
Alec Makinson   Radiance (30sec)
RLC Music   Marine Life
Wilton Vought   Solitude
 News Music Go To  
Eric Bode   Rolling News
MX47   News Magazine
Nigel Male   Newsline
K.O. Star Productions   Riding the Bull Market 60 Sec
Darren Lucas   WMD 60 Sec
Marco Pesci   Current Affairs No Drums
Jonathan Wright   Breaking News Headlines
Ron Komie   Beyond Limits (Full)
Jeff Whitcher   News Theme - Highlights
Music Candy   Progmix-All Sections
 Pop Music Go To  
Alexander Tobias Orest   Pump Up the Energy (30sec Male ..
Advanced Suite   Journey Back
The Crossing   Lock Up (30 Second B)
Loyda Pichardo- Hjelte   Under His Wings
Elite Sync Lab   We Are the Young Ones
Roeland Ruijsch   Primetime Full
Anthony Cormican   Fallen for You
Ed Napoli   The Best
The Crossing   Beyond - 30 Second B
Elite Sync Lab   Are You Ready
 Reggae Music Go To  
Music Candy   Chill Pill
Gary Wolk   Jamaican Getaway
Mir Wave   Leo Carrillo
Daniel Bijan   Take Me On a Holiday (60 Second..
Eddie Caldwell   Good Vibes Remix Instrumental F..
Colette Jonas   Ooh La La Ska
Andrej Hrasko   Sacred Places (Instrumental)
Casey Burnett   You're a Legend Sir 30 Sec
David Flavin   Carefree Island 60
Nxt-Level22   Dancehall Superstar
 Reggaeton Music Go To  
Damir Kolakovic   Me Amas
Add-On   Smack Em Up (Reggaeton)
Add-On   Blow Up (Reggaeton)
Mir Wave   South of the Border
Lokixximo   Put Your Hands Up
Nicholas Pesci   Reggaeton With Strings Reduced
Nicholas Pesci   Latin Baroque - 60sec
Add-On   Must Trust (Reggaeton)
Edouard Andre Reny   Get Moving
Edouard Andre Reny   Party People (Sequence 30s - B)
 RnB Music Go To  
Yan Milan   Solar Highway
Music Candy   Allright
Ron Komie   The Back Boulevard
Richard Jungles   Got 2 B Funky
Music Candy   Come Back 2 Me
Eddie Caldwell   Superstar (Soul Mirage)
Ron Komie   Dirty Rotten Double Agents (Full)
Lachi   Forgettable
Alexander Khaskin   Yes We Do Commercial
Homemadesoul   Bright Fusion
 Rock Music Go To  
Eddie Grey   Hideaway
Michele Vanni   Supercilious- Loop - 3
Dan Morrissey   Mojo Deluxe (Live)
Erwin Steijlen   This Unstoppable Fire
Matt Wilcox   I Dare You
Novatone   Easy As You Love
Lachi   Bug Out
Leandro Achinelli   Criaturas (Ambient & Symphonic)
Roeland Ruijsch   It Kills Me Instrumental
Chris Michols   From the Start
 Science Fiction Music Go To  
Music Candy   Seabound
Nery Bauer   Beneath the Remains (60-Secs Ve..
Sam Clunie   Outer Space 1950's and 60's
Visions of the Dark   Extended Unknown Floor
Nora Berg   Refugia
David Phillips   Down the Rabbit Hole
Jo Masino   Heartbeat of the Universe
Entropik   Where Evil Lurks
Ausilio   Change the Horizons
Composerama   Cyborg Zombies of the Stratosph..
 Singer/Songwriter Go To  
Jaclyn Bradley Palmer   I'm So Glad You Exist
Tony Tee   Can I Do This Thing
Wicked Ear Candy   You and Me, It's Easy
Abbey Scott   Boy Meets Girl
David SweetLow   If You Were Mine
Too Human   I Won't Be Hurting
David SweetLow