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Check out our latest, hottest new artists to sign to the Music Cult label. It takes a certain distinctive ability to be designated as a Hot New Artist on our site. These talented, award-winning composers from around the world have much in common. Together they represent a dynamic and creative force, bringing us new and original music and sound effects with a brilliance that is consistently impressive and top-of-the-mark. To listen to their hot tracks now, click on the artist's name below.

Richard Hughes (USA)
Richard Hughes of New Mexico followed his love of music and taught himself to play guitar after high school because he was compelled to write songs. For a few years, he studied music and recording by day, and by night was immersed in the stories and riffs of Blues players on Beale Street in Memphis. Following a career in Film and TV, Richard is currently composing music for indie filmmakers, ad agencies, etc. From Indie and Modern Rock to Bollywood, Funk, and both Alternative and Traditional Country, Richard delivers the music for all media

Matthew Brandon Carlson (USA)
Matthew Carlson is a composer, arranger, and musician who has scored over 20 Films like "The Mingle" and "400 Miles," as well as TV shows like "Intimate Apparel," Web series, Commercials, and Jingles. This California artist has performed domestically and abroad, and his recordings have been heard around the world. Matthew believes music and the arts make the world a better place, and his goal is to create relatable music that does just that through Cinematic, Dramatic, Orchestral, Jazz, Rock, Big Band, Classical, and Pop sounds.

Gordon Nance (USA)
Gordon Nance is a versatile Pennsylvania-based composer and producer working in the Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, and Dance genres. He was previously signed by Grammy Award-winning producer Rockwilder to his Beat Gang Entertainment group alongside artists like Mya, Busta Rhymes, and Eric Serman. Gordon's music can be heard on Speed TV, and he also did the kick-off music for the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks and the walk-out/preview music for MMA fighters Scott Heckman and Jim Miller. He is currently working on music for Knicks and UFC shows at Madison Square Garden and producing other artists.

D J Bonseye (Canada)
Bonny "DJBonseye" Morgan has written and produced music for video games, film, TV, ads, animation, radio, corporate clients, children's media, and more. Credits include Video Games (Day of Destruction VR, Pay Dirt!, Bionauts), Films (Fat Chance, Chessgame, SexSymbol87), New Media (Aesop's Fables iOS Collection, DialogMeds Take It Safe IVR, Mediazoic Radio Stingers), plus two solo albums which receive airplay coast-to-coast on America's Clear Channel radio network and Canada's CBC Radio. She has also performed with many top bands worldwide.

Philip Winfrey (USA)
Philip Winfrey of Alabama is a songwriter, producer, and composer with an impressive range of work. His discerning ear and top-notch work ethic allow him to create a variety of film and commercial-ready instrumentals as well as inspirational and feel-good songs in the Southern Rock, Country, and Christian genres. Philip's love for music began in Sound Shop Studios Nashville, where he watched his father capture the very best of legends such as Paul McCartney and Dolly Parton, and was influenced to write music that would move people.

DJ Trigger (UK)
Based in the UK, DJ Trigger has won multiple platinum, diamond, and gold records for his savvy music production work. As a composer, arranger, songwriter, multi-instrumentist, and DJ, he has worked for myriad top artists around the world. Using a full range of genres from Club, Dance, Soul, House, Afro House, Pop, Rock, and Jazz, he creates the perfect media mood. Well-known and celebrated for his eclectic musicality, melodies, and beats, DJ Trigger offers you an infinite panel of musical emotions, full of sensitivity and creativity.

Leonard Rogowski (USA)
Hollywood composer and recording artist Leonard Rogowski studied at UCLA, receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music. He also completed the well-known CAP Program (Composing and Arranging Program) at The Dick Grove School of Music. Leonard's music has been featured on National Geographic, CBS, NBC, and the SyFy Channel, and used in feature films like "Fire with Fire" (starring Bruce Willis). Covering genres like Smooth Jazz, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Pop, and more, he deftly creates exciting music for films and various multimedia projects.

Simone Sittel-Schlimbach (Germany)
Simone Sittel-Schlimbach began her career as a freelancer in her own studio in south Germany. After composing over 150 songs, she stepped into the trailer world by writing edgier, more vibrant trailer music. Subsequently, her work evolved into more TV music, soundtracks, and scores. Simone's compositions have been featured in Halloween 2018, Goosebumps 2, and other well-known movies. Her extraordinary sound design and synth sounds offer a world of depth to her streaming music.

PJ Tobin (Ireland)
Finding his way around the rock scene of Galway and touring all over Ireland, PJ Tobin combines working with the best musicians and writing Rock and Pop music. Forged through experience and love of engaging his audience, PJ Tobin's lyrics are powerful and strike an emotional chord. His music builds on the influence of many genres, but always with the dramatic in mind. PJ's songs flow easily and continue to improve with each new batch he creates.

Alex Maciel (Mexico)
Alex Maciel is a Producer and Songwriter living in Mexico who received Honorable Mentions for Billboard Songwriting contests from 2005-2008. His interest in music started very early, culminating with his studies at Berklee College of Music in Music Production and Engineering in 2003. He plays numerous instruments and has worked for several NYC publishers, including Sony Music Entertainment, along with the record company, Vinco Music Records. Alex Maciel has an impressive catalog covering Latin, Pop and Children’s Music, among other genres.

Randy Phillips (USA)
Anyone who truly listens to singer-songwriter Randy Phillips' lyrics recognizes her as a poet at heart. Critically acclaimed producer and recording artist Peter Sprague wrote that "one of the most powerful qualities that music holds is its ability to reveal to us the subtle inner workings of the human soul. Through Randy Phillips' voice, music, and lyrics we learn something about ourselves. She is a true artist." Randy brings us heartfelt songs in the Folk, Smooth Jazz, and Rock genres.

Brian Hagen (USA)
Wisconsin-based keyboardist and composer Brian Hagen draws from an eclectic musical background for both original compositions and arrangements of materials from other composers. He has composed and performed movie soundtracks for the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Cinematique Festival, and as a musician with Madison's groundbreaking Ark Improvisation Theater. His prime sources of inspiration are Classical and Romantic, New Age, Adult Contemporary Jazz, and Space music. Brian's approach is focused on having the music tell a story.

Idledaze (USA)
Idledaze is a vocalist, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who performs in the Colorado band Safe Under the Tree. His catalog explores a variety of mixes in genres ranging from Indie-Alternative, Electric Blues, New Wave Rock, Easy Listening Acoustic and Instrumental Pop. With thousands of studio hours and countless stage performances, Idledaze's unique and growing library of inspiring music will complement films, video games, television, and commercial projects.

Mason Maphey Project (USA)
Mason Maphey Project is a collaboration between Steve Mason of Two PM Junction, and Phil Maphey of "The Macy's". The duo composes and produces music for film, TV, Sports themes, Video Games, and many other projects. Phil is a Berklee-trained musician who has been playing professionally for nearly forty years. His focus while in school was Jazz, but his interests covered the musical spectrum. Steve Mason is a songwriter, publisher, and producer who studied with Virginia guitarist Lewis McGehee.

Evan Oxhorn (USA)
Evan Oxhorn of Washington, DC, writes high-impact songs that quickly deliver a potent emotional payoff. After studying music at Georgetown University, Evan played live music for several years. This experience helps him bring the intimacy and immediacy of a live performance to his Pop, Hip-Hop, and Epic Trailer recordings. Evan has created music for Verizon, the Outdoor Network ("Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction"), and NPR ("This American Life").

Darren Glover (UK)
Since 1999, UK-based artist Darren Glover has been a world-class Jazz and Pop musician. Darren has written exciting pieces in many genres including Pop, Rock, Latin, Classical, Dramatic, Lounge, and Jazz. He draws on his talent and experience as the musical director of orchestras and bands to bring all styles of music to life. Darren creates spellbinding music for diverse media projects and TV with the goal of composing pieces that are accessible, relevant, timely, and professional.

Marvin Adcock (USA)
US composer Marvin Adcock offers up lively, high-quality, broadcast-ready music for Film, Television, and Multimedia productions. With compositions primarily in the Country music genre, Marvin creates music with classic Country appeal and modern style. He is a self-taught and accomplished guitar player with a love for a good story. Marvin draws on life experiences as he masters Country music that delivers for diverse multimedia use.

Justin 3 (Lithuania)
Justin 3 is a Pop Rock band from Lithuania formed by Justinas Stanislovaitis (vocals, guitar), a lyricist and Singer-Songwriter known for numerous performances on National TV. He is also an actor and performed in international productions like the musical "Rent," directed by Georg Malvius and Derek Barnes," and Lithuanian productions of "Sweet Charity" and "The Great Comet of 1812." Justin 3's songs enjoy airplay on almost all national and some international radio stations.

Justinas Stanislovaitis (Lithuania)
Justinas Stanislovaitis is a composer and arranger from Lithuania with over 15 years of experience in TV, Film, and Commercial music production. He received his degree in Music Composition from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, and has composed knock-out pieces in Cinematic, Pop, Blues, and other genres. Justinas has written impressive music for Theatrical Performances and TV shows.

That's It (Canada)
That's It is an exciting new Canadian composer and producer with an eclectic sound that blends Folk and Ambient styles with traditional Indian, Japanese, and African music. In addition to his unique World-infused tracks, he is also focused on Dubstep tracks and Singer-Songwriter material that features his vocals. From mystical soundscapes, to beautifully exotic ethnic tracks, the music of That's It is especially well suited for Film, TV, Video Game, and Commercial productions related to Eastern culture, travel, and history.

Eric Kenneth (USA)
American composer and producer Eric Kenneth produces soul-filled inspirational music made for TV, Film, and Radio. His Soft Rock, Rock, Country, Pop, Dramatic, and Easy Listening stylings are soulful and hearty additions to a wide variety of multi-media. Eric is immersed in audio engineering, songwriting, and producing enjoyable music.

Max Trax (UK)
Max Trax is a UK-based musician and composer who specializes in multi-genre music from Soul to Jazz and Classical to Dance. A classically trained keyboard player, he has toured extensively throughout Europe and Scandinavia, and his work has been featured by the BBC. Max Trax's music is ideally suited for those seeking a broad musical appeal that spans many styles. His music is featured with an artistic talent found nowhere else and he is an exceptional creator.

EuchMad (France)
EuchMad is a French composer, producer, and audio engineer. Releasing catchy productions in genres of Electro, Trip-Hop, Classical, and Modern style, he switches between Folk and Core-Electro in an elegant and coherent vibe. His Influences are Soul, Pop, and Classical music artists like Danny Elfman, Alexandre Desplat, Thomas Newman, Yann Tiersen Trentemoller, Plaid, Pantha Du Prince, Bibio, FourTet, MountKimbie, and Bonobo. EuchMad's creations appear in French documentaries, TV shows, and movies while collaborating with local associations.

Evan Enquist (USA)
Seattle artist Evan Enquist has over 20 years of experience as a bassist and music producer who has traveled the world performing with many different bands. Today, he writes his own mix of Electronic music that incorporates Electronic, Jazz, Funk, and Rock elements. Evan specializes in creating atmospheric soundscapes with processed guitar and bass, sometimes using an 'Ebow,' to create otherworldly textures. His music was featured in a presentation by Boeing at the European Aviation Convention, and his tracks are great for a variety of projects.

Jadian (UK)
Jadian is a London-based producer, songwriter, and session guitarist who writes Electronic music as well as Singer/Songwriter tracks. His proudest musical moment to date has been writing the guitar part and chord progression for Sneakbo's track "Sing For Tomorrow," which received Radio-1/MTV Bass play listing as well as a positive tweet from Chris Martin of Coldplay. Jadian's guitar playing is currently featured on the 'My Pretty Blue' single "Shallow Water."

Alexander Falinski (Ukraine)
Alexander Falinski is a Ukrainian composer and producer who specializes in explosive, highly cinematic music. His Dramatic and Orchestral compositions often include Electronic, Rock, and other stylistic elements to create a uniquely contemporary sound. From the intense and mysterious "Initiation," to the sweeping adventurous "Restless Bay," Alexander's tracks are perfect for Film, TV, Video Games, and Advertising projects.

DeejayX (USA)
Since 2007, DeejayX of Arkansas has been producing in genres such as Hip-Hop, Trance, House, Pop, EDM, Trap and more. His work has been featured on Television shows such as MTV's "Pranked," and he has produced for a number of artists, including FloStorm and Maniac da God. DeejayX's experience with audio production, and as a highly skilled sound designer, makes him a versatile artist.

Steve Spicer (USA)
Based in California, Steve Spicer is an experienced studio musician who composes music of all genres and has played and recorded drums for many great Bay Area artists. From The House of Blues in Hollywood to Guitar Player Live in Livermore (drumming for top 10 guitarist Danny Jones), and opening shows for artists such as Dick Dale and Gary Hoey, he has performed with some of the greatest World Class musicians. Steve cites Nightwish, Karl Jenkins, Vangelis, Enya, and many brass band/classical compositions as his biggest influences.

Steve Tirpak (USA)
Steve Tirpak is a multi-talented composer, arranger, and performer who plays trumpet and trombone. He has performed at many of the major jazz festivals around the world including The Saint Lucia Jazz Festival, The New Orleans Jazz Festival, The Montreux Jazz Festival and The Dubai Jazz Festival. His music draws from many musical styles and influences, most notably Quincy Jones, Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Clifford Brown and Arturo Sandoval. Steve has released two solo jazz albums as a leader and has been featured on dozens of recordings by other artists.

Pakmanmusik (USA)
Steve Tirpak's music is smart and evokes emotion with commercial appeal. He has been composing music for major label recording artists who are signed to Atlantic Records, Def Jam, Capital, Epic, RCA and Columbia Records. After over ten years in the industry, Steve has released his own electronic dance music as “Pakmanmusik," drawing from his unique influences that truly make his sound one-of-a-kind! His music combines big drums and solid grooves with intelligent musical ideas consisting of strong melodies and fresh chord changes.

Jonathan Thomas Stratman (USA)
Jonathan Stratman is a writer and producer of songs, jingles and music for film and video. He is an ASCAP member whose jingle credits include McDonald's Restaurants and Schuck's Auto Parts. Documentary works include "Living it Forever" (Lifetime Surfing) and "Messages from the Wall" (Viet Nam War Memorial). His arranging and producing partner is Nick Moore, formerly of the "Almost Live Band" (NBC), and keyboardist on their Tingstad and Rumbel New Age Grammy winning 2004 album. Both Jonathan and Nick live in the metropolitan Seattle area.

Thomas Scullion (Brazil)
Born and raised in Ireland, composer Thomas Scullion has lived in Brazil since 2011. After graduating with a degree in Music Composition and Technology, his music has been broadcast in the USA, Brazil, Europe, Australia, and even Japan. His composition styles range from Experimental Baby Synth music to straightforward tearjerking piano pieces. Thomas's credits include Malaria (2013) - Edson Oda, Eric (2014) - Herbert Bianchi, and Estou a Caminho (2012) - Herbert Bianchi.

Kirk McQueen (UK)
UK-based Kirk McQueen has been writing and producing music for many years and has vast experience working in a wide variety of genres. Specializing in Downtempo Lounge, Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Nu Jazz, Soul, Funk, Nu Disco, Chillout, Latin Pop, and 80's tinged Pop, he creates a distinct and memorable sound. Kirk knows how to grab attention with warm harmonies and full-bodied melodies. As a former Polygram publishing writer, Kirk has worked at the music industry's highest level and collaborated with top songwriters around the world.

Kyle Booth (UK)
Based in the UK, Kyle Booth has worked on a diverse range of media projects including film, TV, and promotional videos. His credits include the feature film 874 Miles (2014) and the short films Keepsake (2014), Orchard Road (2014), and Acts of a Vampiric Nature (2015). Over the years, Kyle has embraced and utilized Electronic, Orchestral, and Ambient elements within his music to create a unique and distinctive sonic palette. His influences include film composers such as Cliff Martinez, Thomas Newman, and James Horner.

Robert Nilsson (Denmark)
Proficient on guitar, bass, and keyboards, Robert Nilsson has been a performing musician in Denmark for over 30 years. As a composer, his emotive and melodic work has been featured on Danish TV networks like DR2 and TV2, and also by several ad agencies. With a style that can best be described as mellow musical landscapes with solid grooves, Robert's tracks incorporate Dance, Electronic, Latin, Jazz, Blues, and Rock genres. From the Bossa Nova-inspired "Brazil Mood," to the beautiful sound of "Silence," his tracks will delight and inspire.

Eldar Ibrahimovic (Romania)
Talented Croatian composer Eldar Ibrahimovic is an active drummer, composer, and audio engineer now residing in Romania. He has a long-time passion for Classical music and has composed orchestral arrangements for the past few years, releasing four beautiful, passionate albums. Combined with his love for audio engineering and production, where he has been active for around 15 years, Eldar's creative and inspiring Classical music ranges from quiet and emotional String Quartets to full-scale Epic Orchestral arrangements.

Michele Rene (USA)
California artist, singer and songwriter Michele Rene was reviewed by Jeff Weinstein (2013, 2014 Juror for the Pulitzer Prize in Criticism): "She is a sexy, waifish pop siren whose cherubic mermaid-allure is only surpassed by a rich, dulcet-toned voice whose sweet, velvety strains both attack the ear and soothe it simultaneously." Michele's voice has been described as angelic, distinct, and pure. She's fueled by natural talent, and a no-nonsense approach with an innate ability for creating trendy and beautiful melodies.

Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn (UK)
UK artists Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn are experienced media composers with games and TV credits in the USA and Japan. Their compositions include Ambient, Dramatic, Japanese-style chilling soundcapes, Children's music, and Hollywood retro-comedy features. In the late 1980s, following years at Bradford University, they were members of The Escapement, a Bradford-based alternative band. Having worked together for 25 years, Geoff Harvey is a multi-instrumentalist and Chris Martyn provides the critical, painstaking production work and expertise in the latest digital techniques.

Greg Davies (UK)
UK guitarist and composer Greg Davies brings us smoldering Instrumental Rock tracks echoing the influence of artists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, and Carlos Santana. In addition to playing in many different bands, he has done countless sessions for recording artists, including former Stone Roses and Steve Harley producer Mark Tolle. Greg is also the leader of his own group called the "Greg Davies Project," and he was recently voted the Most Exciting Guitarist on the web site "Guitar." He was recently invited to tour with Pete Townsend's brother Simon.

Advanced Suite (USA)
Advanced Suite is the brainchild of Patrick Palone from Michigan who has been producing music for over 15 years. Using genres like House, Dub, Electronic, Psychedelic, Bass, Rock, and more, he creates music that paints vivid images. The overall emotion and choice of sounds create a hypnotic environment paired with danceable rhythms. Advanced Suite gives listeners an escape from reality and moves them in all the right ways.
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