Club Frequency

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Club Frequency
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Club Frequency (614 Tracks)
Cool, fun, flirty and sassy! Hot and trendy dance club vocals and instrumentals that are always fresh, progressive and ahead of the times. Adult-oriented with a definite dance edge -- music for the hip, fashionable big city club scene.

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GAGABYTE   (by RLC Music )
Driving, rhythmic, infectious synths create a fun and playful vibe in this catchy modern Dance-Pop track reminiscent of Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face'. Co-written and co-produced with Brian Steckler. Instrumental, Dance, Dance-Pop

GET IT ON!   (by Alexander Tobias Orest )  Composed: 2011
A cool party track!! ENERGY!! In the vein of Lady GaGa and a little like Katy Perry. A well produced track with the latest pop/R&B sounds. Perfect for clubs, parties, dance floor, underground scenes, movies, TV-shows, Jingles, radio stations, commercials. Simply pumping with energy! Instrumental, Soundalikes, Katy Perry

PUMP UP THE ENERGY   (by Alexander Tobias Orest )  Composed: 2010
A smashing cool hi-energy song similar to "the black eyed peas". Dance friendly and very groovy. Electric guitars meet a very modern and hip synth sound with a steady beat. There are only 4 words in this song "pump up the energy". TV, Movies, Radio, Clubs, Underground, parties, commercial, hi-tech. Male Vocals, Pop, Synthpop

AXEL   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Funky, party time, old school breaks track. infectious synth top-line melody, cool male spoken vocal sample, superb scratching and ultra cool funky beat. Great for commercials, TV, Promos & Gaming Suroor Goodenough, Instrumental, Dance, Hip House

ESSENTIAL   (by Electric Chair 3000 )  Composed: 2011
A Thai pop instrumental rich with percussions, cymbals, pop guitar, rumbling bass and modern dance beat. Great for in-store media, fashion shows, background music for any tv show, films, clubs, commercials and many other musical uses. Instrumental, Asian, Thai Pop

SWING EMPIRE (DANCE REMIX 128 BPM)   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2013
(JANUARY 2014)
This HOT new track from Music Candy fuses Swing styles with contemporary Electro and Hip Hop production techniques, delivering a hot new genre known as "Electro Swing" reminiscent of artists such as Django Reinhardt, Cab Calloway and Benny Goodman, creating a new, club-friendly and accessible sound. The new genre is also connected with a revival of interest in swing dances like the Lindy hop, the popularity of Neo-Burlesque and the resurgence in an appreciation of vintage fashion and culture in mainstream society, championed by style icon Dita Von Teese and television shows like Boardwalk Empire and films of the period like The Great Gatsby or The Artist.   Vaudeville Jazz brass and horns with a contemporary house beat. Slick & inventive blend of styles. Mad Jazz & All That, by Anthony James. Instrumental, Jazz, Electro Swing

SHAKE THAT BODY (STRIP CLUB INDUSTRIAL HIP-HOP)   (by K.O. Star Productions )  Composed: 2010
Groovy Hip Hop beats Industrial Pop style. Wicked cool feel. Modern lead guitar & hypnotic DJ vocals. Great for dramatic badass sexy stylistic Film soundtrack, TV series, Video games, Ads etc. Gangsta, crime in progress, psycho, menace, vengeance, urban fights, gang wars, chases, nightclub scene. Male Rap & Vocals, Soundalikes, Black Eyed Peas

FIFTH AVENUE   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Funky, Upbeat feelgood House Track. Wah wah guitar, silky female vocal sample, light flute and brass stabs playing over a driving rhythm and bass. This dextrous track is great for Commercials, Promos & Fashion. Anthony James, Instrumental, Dance, Classic Disco

ON THE DANCE FLOOR   (by Mo 2.0 )  Composed: 2012
Catchy, modern pop song using powerful electronic synths. Works well with urban projects, creates a youthful and vibrant atmosphere. Lyrics centred around seeing a girl on the dance floor. Male Vocals, Pop, Synthpop

SMOOTH PLAYER   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2010
Hip-Hop track, midtempo for partying, dancing, urban scenes, video games and more. Cool, bouncy rhythm with an 80's hip-hop/funk flavor, songs like Cameo and other funk style artists that add a touch of electronic synthesizer beats to their songs. Good time funky fun and get togethers. Instrumental, Hip Hop, Party Rap & Hip Hop

FUNKY DIVA   (by Richard Jungles )  Composed: 2008
Extremely funky track with a exceptionally dirty base line & a sexy shimmering soulful female vocal over swanky guitars brass stabs & a mighty hammond organ. Epic. Vocal Samples, Dance, Dance-Pop

TWO GEEZERS   (by DJ Trigger )  Composed: 2011
BPM 126: Kind of music you can hear when you look a TV Show from Channel or Christophe Gaultier. Just Fashion. Dance Drum & bass With Female Voice and Soul Music Feeling. Beach Party - Documentary For fashion - Tv Show . Instrumental, Dance, Eurodance

WORK IT OUT   (by Boostylz )  Composed: 2009
Club Banga, Feel good Dance track, Female Vocals, Hip Hop, Party Rap & Hip Hop

SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME (BASS 'N DRUMS MIX)   (by Denise Rivera )  Composed: 2003
Female Vocals, Dance, Techno

LOVE MACHINE   (by Boostylz )  Composed: 2012
Dance smash about an innocent girl how can transform into a love super hero sung by a female vocalist using computer sound efx, and synths to add to the electronic vibe. Clever use of punch lines that bring this song to hit record category . Female Vocals, Dance, Electro House

BOTTLE OF BUBBLY FEAT: CANDELA   (by Boostylz )  Composed: 2015
Sultry sexy vocals about motivating to come up to the room. A r&b urban pop track that combines elements of rhythm and blues, soul, funk, pop, hip hop, latin and dance. To bring a turn-up, youthfulness to any underscore, and radio broadcast. Mixed Vocals, RnB, RnB Pop

SOLEIL CLUB SONG   (by Markus Bravo )  Composed: 2012
Drum-oriented Dance Electronica track with elements of Ibiza sound, House music and soulful R&B. Perfect for a drive up the coast, dancing at a nightclub, or soundtrack for video or luxury item commercial. Female Vocals, Corporate, Corporate Dance Breakbeat

L'EFFIMERO   (by Alex Cen )  Composed: 2012
powerful song with driving rhythmic dynamics and jazzy arrangements to sustain Tisha's punchy lyrics, to create a cool and clubby atmosphere. A flirting approach, driving crescendos, and an instense chorus, for this modern italian track, Female Vocals, Dance, Dance-Pop

SECRET   (by Gary Openhill )  Composed: 2015
Soothing chillout track, a cafe del mar sunset balearic feel, Instrumental, Electronic, Chill-out

DANCE COMMERCIAL (RADIO VERSION)   (by dB Fresh )  Composed: 2015
Modern Rap/Hip-Hop track with both commercial and street feel. Youth oriented and hip, ideal for MTV type projects, feature films and short films set in urban settings. Lyrics about having fun, heading to the strip club, making stacks of cash, etc. Lyrics reflect ups and downs of risk taking living. Male Rap, Hip Hop, Midwest Hip Hop

CURVY GROOVE   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
In Vogue, sexy & seductive House Track. Mellow yet provocative with old school synth chords, deep pumping bass and smooth rhythm. Perfect for Fashion, Commercials & Promos. Yiorgos Bellapaisiotis, Instrumental, Dance, Latin House

SKYLIGHT   (by Gary Openhill )  Composed: 2013
Awsome uplifting electronic chillout track. Not to slow and heavy on the swinging sidechaining effect, makes you want to get up and groove even if youre not supposed to! Works perfectly for media segments such as commercials, weather channel, animal planet, travel channel clips. Instrumental, Electronic, Chill-out

SOMETHING ABOUT YOU   (by Tom Hajduk )  Composed: 2015
Very trendy modern deep house / dance track. Up-to-date vocal house song similar to tracks used in contemporary commercials and tv ads (fe. Microsoft Nokia Lumia and Apple iPhone). Male Vocals, Dance, Dance-Pop

THE ALIBI   (by Amo McCarron )  Composed: 2012
Hit song conveying powerful message, finding your voice. Sleek modern arrangement with anthemic synth lines, pumping drums and most importantly, AMAZING vocals. Truly memorable melody in verse and prechorus, with a blistering chant chorus. If you're looking for a pop song with a cool edge THIS IS IT, Mixed Vocals, Dance, Dance-Pop

LOCK AND LOAD REMIX   (by Amo McCarron )  Composed: 2011
Club smash!! This is a sure fire dance hit with edgy synths, uplifting chords and big drums. Male and female lead vocals fire out catchy hooks throughout, and come together for a ground shaking, anthemic chorus. Ideal for youth demographic. Think parties, edgy drama, fashion, ultra cool adverts, Mixed Vocals, Dance, Dance-Pop

WHILE I BREATHE (ETERNAL YOUTH)   (by Christine Kounnas )  Composed: 2012
A catchy upbeat dance track with a chillout ibiza club ambience. A sweet female vocal with gentle tones. Tells of love and only breathing for you. Great for lounge, club or bar scenes. An amazing European summer beach track. Female Vocals, Dance, Dance-Pop

PHANTOM (DJ CLUB REMIX)   (by Christine Kounnas )  Composed: 2014
Alluring, effortless female vocals with an upbeat Club/DJ dance sound yet haunting vibe & soft undertones of piano. 20-something, mysterious tv/movie scenes. Great for fantasy film & breakups. Sweet vocals. A story of someone constantly disappearing from your life. Heartbreaking yearning, Pop Dance, Instrumental, Dance, Dance-Pop

FIZZY   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2012
Down and dirty Pop track Serious bass line business with fresh fizz and a positive vibe. Pulsating, driving, dance track. Youthful sexual and physical energy and exuberance, nightclub scenes. On Demand, by Andrew White, Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Dance Breakbeat

24 7 SUNSHINE INSTRUMENTAL   (by Suchitra Lata )  Composed: 2011
Dancy electronic music with ambient vocal samples. Catchy, fun, happy, young, energetic, wicked bass line and fun synths, Instrumental, Corporate, Corp. New Age Electronic

READY FOR ACTION   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Deep, pulsating House Track with aggresive rhythm. Reminicent of Old Skool raves. Great for action scenes, TV & Film. Yiorgos Bellapaisiotis, Instrumental, Dance, Deep House

PUERTO RICO MC   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Contemporary, Quirky & sparse catwalk Dance Track. Supermodaels on the march. Crazy effects over a tight house beat make this track perfect for Fashion, Commercials & Promos. Adam Grace, Instrumental, Dance, Deep House

WHERE WE HEADING   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Funky Breakbeat R&B Track. lush synth top-line melody with a busy breakbeat. Has a dreamy, ethereal feel yet is funky and makes dance. Great for Commercials, Promos & Gaming. Suroor Goodenough, Instrumental, Electronic, Breakbeat

PLAYED AGAIN   (by Brian Kopelke )  Composed: 2014
A Hip Hop/Electro House track about believing in yourself, finding your style, and making music. Lots of Electro elements are present throughout the song as well as funky basslines, driving percussion, and a lot of fast rapping. A perfect track for anything that needs an light urban feel. Male Vocals, Electronic, Breakbeat

MYSTERIOUS FLIGHT   (by Gary Openhill )  Composed: 2011
This is a high energy electropop track with some 80s sounds mixed with strong dance feel and very engaging buildups using filters and fast repeating drums and snares. Perfect for games, tv and radio productions and ads. Instrumental, Electronic, Electropop

MODELLER   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Bold, Stylish Dance Track. Fasion, Catwalk, the cool set! Deep house rhythm and crazy synth, this tune takes you to the early hours in Ibiza. Great for club scenes, Fashion, Commercials & Promos. Artist: Yiorgos Bellapaisiotis, Instrumental, Dance, Euro-hop

DIRTY FINGERS   (by Music Candy )  Composed: 2009
Cool as you like, funky, sexy Jazz/Funk track. Funky acoustic bass line, seductive wah wah guitar, great brass and smooth keys on a cool rhythm. This will explode your productions to life. Artist: Theo Attikouris, Instrumental, Jazz, Nu Jazz

GAGANTIC   (by RLC Music )
Gagantic by name, GIGANTIC by nature! Huge sounding pop/dance track flavored with a pinch of Lady Gaga. Cool fat bass sounds, catchy synth melodies, great builds & explosive energy all round. Perfect for the dance floor, nightclub scenes & sports / fitness. Co-written / Co-produced Brian Steckler. Instrumental, Dance, Dance-Pop

BOTTLE SERVICE   (by Jeremy Bell )  Composed: 2013
Energetic track using synths, strings, and piano set to a driving bass line and hip-hop beats. The perfect music cue for any glam/futuristic setting. Great for reality TV shows like Next Top Model, espionage and night club/rave scenes, or a futuristic sci-fi TV show or movie. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Dance House

FUNNY WAYS   (by Jesus Velazquez )  Composed: 2014
Main Room, addictive hooklines, harsh dirty basses, banging drums, pop radio hit, club-thumping, dynamic, great-sounding club style, smash-hit club and radio, stomping, shuffling 90s beats, darkened synths, bulbous basslines, hammering chords, choppy percussion and trippy FX, forward-thinking house,, Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Dance House

LA CIRCUS   (by Arthur Rong )  Composed: 2002
Stylish track in the lounge house style with amazing fashion taste. The perfect combination of vibraphone, funky bass, guitars, percussion, an elegant deep synth pads and rhythmic drums. Perfect for using in fashion show and party videos, as site background, stylish projects, in flash games etc. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Dance House

CHEEBAFUNK   (by Gary Openhill )  Composed: 2013
A very dance inspiring rythmical funk tune, with some serious groovy bass phrases. Wonderful for commercials, games, radio productions, all kinds of media that neds some funk. Use parts of it as loops as an alternative. Instrumental, Dance, Electro House

LATE NIGHT FEVER   (by Brian Kopelke )  Composed: 2014
An electro infused house track with elements of both nu-disco and deep house. Groovy beats, funky basslines, and cut up electro vocals are all perfectly represented throughout this track. Perfect for any project that needs a disco feel to it. Sounds like: Derrick Carter, Avicci, and Above and Beyond, Vocal Samples, Dance, Electro House

NO (VUOL DIRE NO)   (by Alex Cen )  Composed: 2006
a super-funk uptempo and easy going piece, easy to listen to with precious brass countervoices and a groovy flow, in a mixed style that merges new and old sonorities, Female Vocals, Pop, Italian Pop

ALEGRIA REMIX CARMELINA FEAT. SACARIO   (by Add-On Music Group )  Composed: 2013
Infectious beat with positive lyrics with smooth pitch female vocals by Carmelina Vargas... Body moving fist pumping uplifting sound. Great for any positive club sound.. Mixed Vocals, Pop, Pop/EDM

GYM AND TONIC   (by Garry Cribb )  Composed: 2010
Pumping beats and driving synths. Cardio and fitness work outs in the gym. Motivation & high energy routines. Techno dance & cool trance rhythms. Powerful, slamming, pulsating & upbeat. Club music and cool fashion shows. Atmosphereic & Electronica. Groove & energy. Warm ups. Instrumental, Dance, House music

MALICIOUS AND DELICIOUS   (by Denise Rivera )  Composed: 2007
Cool and sexy reggaeton with female vocal in English and Spanish. Collaboration with Alex "Add-On" Moro. Female Rap & Vocals, Reggaeton, Reggaeton

SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME (MIX NUMBER 5)   (by Denise Rivera )  Composed: 2002
Funky club mix, Female Vocals, Pop, 90's Pop

YOU CAN MOVE YOUR FUNKY BODY - FULL, WITH VOX   (by Liam Bradbury )  Composed: 2014
Modern, electronic pop song with a highly synthesized voice saying the words "You can move your funky body". Sounds similar to Daft Punk. Deep sub bass, electrifying synth bass line and rhythmic percussion make this song a must have for any project looking for a trendy, modern day pop song. Vocal Samples, Corporate, Corporate Pop Vocals

BACK TO WORK   (by King Daddy Dee )  Composed: 2007
This smooth disco house instrumental track has a lot to offer, space, imagination, the dreamy side of of life on cruise control. Perfect for a smooth ride in a movie that stirs the mind and hints a new found vision from within. Enjoy it. I know you will. Instrumental, Dance, House music

THREE MINUTES FUN   (by Big Prod Sounds )  Composed: 2011
Dynamic acid jazz track with swinging electric jazz guitar lines over house music rhythm and funky bass groove. Funky guitar rhythm and bluesy bebop impovisations make this addictive track stands out! Great soundtrack for advertising, movie or TV use. Spoken Word, Dance, Nu-Disco
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Club Frequency

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Club Frequency

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