Acoustic Pop

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Acoustic Pop
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Acoustic Pop

Pop music played with strictly acoustic instruments

   Randomly-Ordered Tracks

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MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE   (by David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis )  Composed: 2009
Relaxing, Reflecting, Enjoying Life, reflects the mood of this wonderfully produced track. Light Adult Contemporary feel that is perfect for TV, Film, Corporate or media project. Works with voice over or on it's own. Love, Family, Peaceful moods, Time alone, holiday, weekend, sunday afternoon, Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

LET GO   (by Arrow Casino )  Composed: 2009
This pop track has a really cool acoustic guitar groove that is taken from the flamenco percussive strumming styles but used with modern production approach that is sooo catchy! This song is about letting go! With warm male vocals that plea "Let Go, Let Go!", this fun rhythmic song makes you good! Male Vocals, Pop, Dream Pop

MY NEW FAVORITE SONG   (by Angela Predhomme )  Composed: 2011
This fun, catchy song will bounce right into your heart and stay stuck in your head with its sing-a-long "doo doo doo" chorus. Extremely memorable melody makes this song a great pick for advertisements, commercials and any happy, positive cue. Listen once you'll be hooked! Rich female vocals. Female Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

LINGERING THROUGH LIFE   (by Roeland Ruijsch )  Composed: 2014
Modern uplifting happy Acoustic track, that is perfect for today's branding and Tv Commercials. Light and groovy with a catchy melody that will not distract from the brand message. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate folk Music Guitar, Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

PIANO GROOVE   (by Louise Heaney )  Composed: 2012
An upbeat, rhythmic piano driven track with hang drum, handclaps and strings. Simple, strong, uplifting and contemporary. Works well under dialogue. Great for film, commercials, trailers and corporate use. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

UPBEAT GUITAR   (by KLM Music )  Composed: 2015
A positive and optimistic pop track with acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, bass, piano, drums and percussion. Ideal for corporate advertising, commercials and internet videos as well as uses involving children, kids, innocence, inspiration and motivation. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

SAMANTHA   (by Jason Corder )  Composed: 2011
A brilliant cross between a club hit and a signature Corder acoustic groove, this song presents harmonies with multiple voices, a luscious guitar hook and a seriously danceable beat. The last half is devoted entirely to beats and loops giving an extra chance to dance. Massive Attack, club scenes, Male Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

ALL THE WAY IN   (by Colin O'Dwyer )  Composed: 2010
Cool and smooth vocal acoustic swing, jazz tune great for tv drama about society or social issues. If John Mayer was fronting a swing trio of drums, bass and piano, this is what he would sound like. There's also a splash of alto sax. Adult contemporary or adult album alternative crossover jazz! Male Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

UNTIL   (by Record/Play Music )  Composed: 2013
A beautiful acoustic instrumental track. It's a little melancholy but hopeful. Features a sweet acoustic guitar taking the melody, so simple and clear. A spare piano echoes the mood and an organ deepens the emotion. There's an uplift bridge occurring around 2:10 bringing it full circle. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

HAPPY SMILEY PEOPLE - FULL MIX   (by Clive Lukover )  Composed: 2015
Bright happy acoustic pop track featuring female vocal, acoustic guitar and whistling and xylophone. Summer days and happiness, sunshine, joyful times, friends, love and peace, Female Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

TOO MUCH FOR THE HEART TO HOLD (60SEC)   (by David J. Smith )  Composed: 2011
In the great tradition of gooey love songs, this ballad will leave a lump in your throat. A poignant piano and tear welling strings come together to convey feelings of love and longing. Airy drums and a crying guitar join in and ultimately fade for an ending that uplifts a heavy heart. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

NEAR ME   (by Larry Folk )  Composed: 2011
Surprising, but true: this song was inspired by a conversation that took place on the Howard Stern Show about missing one's partner. The hook in the chorus is a bit of a puzzle, but, yes, it does make sense. A simple statement about love, and how we spend so much time talking about unimportant stuff, Male Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

OVERCOME   (by Dani W. Schmid )  Composed: 2012
Very melodic and virtuoso guitar tune. Fast solos and intense progressions. 1 acoustic and 1 electric guitar. Very natural flowing. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

THE FIRST ONE FOR YOU   (by Record/Play Music )  Composed: 2013
Indie folk, alt. folk, acoustic pop. The mellow moods so popular in commercial tracks today. It's current and trendy and could find it's way to the last couple minutes of many popular t. v shows. Easy male vocal, acoustic guitars, accordion, simple rhythm. Upbeat and motivational. Male Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

IF I COULD LOVE LIKE MY DOG   (by Angela Predhomme )  Composed: 2008
A positive, cheerful, happy mood is set immediately by the friendly pop sounds of light piano, acoustic guitar, and hand claps. Lyrics about the faithful love and companionship of dogs, and their unconditional love for us. This song would be great for anything dog-related: dog food commercials, etc. Female Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

EVERYTHING I KNOW   (by David Flavin/Roland Rudzitis )  Composed: 2010
Sax solo with band. Positive, proud, Pop, happy and gives a feeling of love and all is well. Great for commercials, videos, TV and other corporate uses. Upbeat piano with builds! Memorable lead melody. Solid groove! Rudzitis, Flavin. Bold, Confident, Bright, Playful and Uplifting. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

THAT GIRL   (by Dean Wagg )  Composed: 2013
Lovely romance drenched happy summery folk pop song in the style of Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers & Badly Drawn Boy. A simple acoustic song & an ode to being completely head over heels in love. Strumming guitars & sparse vocal are joined half way in by full orchestra & piano. Romantic & loving. Male Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

KINGS OF LEISURE   (by Rob Johnson )  Composed: 2010
Quirky, upbeat track that has a sunny, feel-good vibe. A perfect track to underscore an uplifting or fun scene. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

SNAPDRAGONS   (by Music as Metaphor )  Composed: 2012
Warm, friendly fingerpicking on a beautiful, vibrant steel string guitar. Rhythmically changing, organic and flowing. Great underscore for a wholesome ad or radio spot. Rich patterns of sound. Road travel, trip, or driving journey folksy but hip mood, beautiful harmonies and bouncy, spirited guitar, Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

A gorgous and light acoustic bakground music based ambient track. This track will work great with a huge range of corporate presentations, and product demonstrations. Great for background music and bedding music, and to glue up scenes in films where you need a small piece of music to just link up th, Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

DRIVEN BY CASH NO GTRS   (by Roeland Ruijsch )  Composed: 2013
Great instrumental acoustic poprocktrack in the epic style of Phillip Pillips, Johnny Cash and Mumford and Sons. Very inspiring and powerful live bandrecording! Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Rock Music, Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

SWAYED   (by Somatiq Audio )  Composed: 2012
A happy, fun track featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bells. Stays laid back until the chorus where percussion and hand claps pick it up. Perfect for promos and advertising. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

SCHOOL OF FOREVER   (by Evan Zappa & the Necessity )  Composed: 2010
A college couple so romantically in love that the barely leave their dorm room, she in pink, he in blue, she reading Chaucer and the classics, he studying music. A delightful song of first love culminating in a long term relationship in this School of Forever! Male Vocals, Pop, Pop Music

CAREFREE PLAYING   (by Marco Pesci )  Composed: 2013
Joyful, lively, happy song. A Glockenspiel plays a simple but nice and effective melody. It starts with little elements, than build up adding claps in the background and a fast ukulele. Great for your corporate video, for commercials or for kids. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Acoustic Pop

TODAY (FEATURING SUSAN SHAUGHNESSY)   (by D.C. SoulPlusMind )  Composed: 2013
Soothing, loving, Colbie Caillat -esque acoustic pop song featuring female vocals. Piano melody creates an uplifting and warm vibe. Lyrics about being together, love, and the joys of relationships. Great for romance, love, and passionate scenes or montages. Great as a theme song or opening credits. Female Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

I WILL   (by Kevin M. Baumgard )  Composed: 2012
Fun, upbeat acoustic pop song a la Sheryl Crow and Colbie Caillat. Whimsical and playful. Featuring acoustic guitars, bass, drums, hand claps and percussion. Great track for technology ads, comedy, hipster commercials. Playful scenes and advertisements. Travel and new product launch, Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

PROMISED LAND   (by Malaya Blue )  Composed: 2014
Classy acoustic pop ballad with a slight jazz feel. Sounds like Norah Jones, Eva Cassidy, shades of 'People Get Ready'. Features soulful female vocals, melodic acoustic guitar, uplifting strings. The lyrical subject works well for scenes of inspiration, working together, search for the promised land, Female Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

RED RIBBONS   (by Mike McGuill )  Composed: 2014
A fun, heartwarming ukulele-based track with a laidback, energetic swing and a catchy melody, opening with a simple innocent melody and building to a nice ensemble groove. A great soundtrack for upbeat commercial use, family and kids shows. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

JOURNEY'S END   (by Gary Wolk )  Composed: 2011
The joy at the end of a long journey, or a simple romantic walk on a beautiful day. This folksy sounding track features 5 acoustic guitars in a upbeat fingerpicked style Upbeat and simple. Great backing track for videos, commercials, or film. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

TIME FOR CELEBRATION (FULL)   (by Ron Komie )  Composed: 2012
Groovy, fun and uplifting, this acoustic guitar driven piece features strumming acoustics, hip hop groove, harmonized rhythm electric guitar lines, and dancing synth bass. Great for young lifestyle commercials, underscore, promos and reality TV. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

RADIO   (by Ludwig Amadeus )  Composed: 2014
acoustic/electro crossover with an utterly addictive bassline, Male Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

SISTER DEAREST   (by Jesper Mattsson )  Composed: 2013
A folky country Love song for my sister on her birthday the love between a brother and a sister or more universally we are all brothers and sisters great for family drama soaps or film about siblings growing up together also speaks about love between mother and child a spiritual song meaningful love, Male Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

CAREFREE ROAD   (by Gary Wolk )  Composed: 2013
A very uplifting, motivating instrumental track. Features drums, congas, bass, and acoustic guitars. Gives a feeling of freedom, and the open road. Heading out for some fun! Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

IN MY SONG   (by Suchitra Lata )  Composed: 2010
Quiet, mature love song, with the harmonica thrown in for that cosy home grown feel. The magic of love is condensed into this song. With an old fashioned 60's feel chorus intro, the mood is all set for a straight forward feel good track, Female Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

LOST IN THE SKY   (by Electric Chair 3000 )  Composed: 2011
A laid back instrumental track with mellow acoustic guitars, ethereal piano, strong bass and processed drums with a positive flow. Great for commercials, spas, industrial films, ringtones, yoga, on-hold music, radio spots or any number of media projects. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

LET THE SUN SHINE   (by Louise Heaney )  Composed: 2010
A happy, happy happy song with a melody you'll be humming all day. Ukulele, synth, drums and finger clicks provide the accompaniment to the female vocal. Indie pop song perfect for advertisements, commercials and youth programs. Quirky and fun. Upbeat and contemporary. Female Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

ENJOY DAILY LIFE   (by Jo Masino )  Composed: 2014
If you need a smooth, light track, this is as gentle and delicate as velvet. The title says it all: this music will instantly convey a sense of peacefulness and joy, perfect for many types of productions. Not only, but the track builds up to a very sweet ending, with a nice strings section. Enjoy! Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

BEAUTIFUL MORNING   (by Roger and Ellen Bruno )  Composed: 2014
Joyful and happy, bluesy, guitar-based uplifting postive - with slide guitar and accordion. Better things are coming. Life is good! Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

LOVE GLUE   (by Suchitra Lata )  Composed: 2011
A quiet understated expression of love and commitment, embellished with a lazy slide guitar reminiscent of a boating trip and flowery acoustic guitar phrases. Picture of a happy contented to be with each other couple. Female Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

NEVER LEAVE US BEHIND   (by Steve Dafoe )  Composed: 20006
Heartbreaking ...... One love left behind while the other searches for what was in front of them along. Female Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

PEACEFUL TIME OF DAY (FULL)   (by Ron Komie )  Composed: 2012
This easygoing piece is like a warm Sunday afternoon lounging in the hammock. Featuring fingerstyle acoustic guitars, piano melody and hip-hop drum feel, it''s reminiscent of Colbie Caillat & Norah Jones, making it perfect for lifestyle ads, promos, trailers & underscore needing some laid back, Instrumental, Pop, Easy Listening

BREATHE FOR THE FIRST TIME   (by Troy Kline )  Composed: 2011
A beautiful acoustic pop ballad. This song tells of the awakening of simple, powerful and complete love. Starts simply with piano and voice. Strings and a choir add power as the song progresses. Piano driven. Suitable for a love scene, proposal, wedding, first dance, senior prom, anniversary. Male Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

LEAF   (by Jacco Willems )  Composed: 2010
Warm, emotional and touching song with a soft acoustic guitar and a cello, with its' melancholic and gentle tone, playing a haunting melody. Instrumental underscore type of cue for contemplative, reflective moments. Longing for and thinking about better times or the past. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

HOLIDAY   (by Chris Michols )  Composed: 2012
A pretty, Beatle-esque acoustic pop ballad. Fingerstyle acoustic guitars and organs accompany a nostalgic vocal. Idyllic scenes of relaxation are tinged with an underlying sadness, the reason for which is revealed in the final verse. A great track to accompany reflection or sadness in exotic locales, Male Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

IN LOVE - PIANO GUITAR VERSION   (by Jens Larsson )  Composed: 2013
And emotional song about being unsure if your love is answered. And the pain you feel in you heart. Acoustic guitar, Electric bass and piano gives a unpugged feel, very naked and vulnerable. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

RIVER OF PAIN (FOLK)   (by Steve Dafoe )  Composed: 2010
A painful parallel to pain inside of oneself. What murks below the surface not seen by others. This was a # 1 on the RADIO INDY Folk Charts! Pain flows through all of us deep under the water. A darkness and sadness permeate the lyrics here. Male Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop

MOVING ALONG   (by Eric Bolvin )  Composed: 2013
Gentle, pensive piano piece provides just the right moment. Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

CALLING COLBY   (by Roeland Ruijsch )  Composed: 2014
Great instrumental acoustic Folk Pop track in the epic style of Colby Caillet and natalie Imbruglia. Very uplifting and Bouncy live bandrecording that will enhance a happy mood. With Strumming Acoustic guitars, Whispering bells and Grooving drums Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate folk, Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

AROUND THE BEND   (by Medina )  Composed: 2013
folky blue grass stomping mountain music with lots of acoustic guitars mandolins banjo and stomp kick drum pattern, great for television placement as well as film, especially indie movies for background and/or for dialogue scenes, Instrumental, Pop, Acoustic Pop

AND SHE SMILED   (by Simon Wolfe )  Composed: 2012
Beautiful and moving folk pop song with poetical and thoughtful lyrics, dream like qualities for film/drama. Female Vocals, Pop, Acoustic Pop
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Acoustic Pop

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Acoustic Pop

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